Halle Berry Jokes Ellen DeGeneres Could Have 'Saved Me Three Marriages' After Missed Van Hunt Moment

Halle Berry and Van Hunt's paths could have crossed nearly two decades ago with help from Ellen DeGeneres.

It sounds like you can call Ellen DeGeneres matchmaker --- well, almost

During Halle Berry's appearance on the comedian's eponymous daytime talk show, DeGeneres brought up the actress' missed connection with her now-boyfriend, musician Van Hunt, on the show nearly 20 years ago. 

"I'm a huge music fan," DeGeneres said. "I had him on on season one before we had you on." However, this was no secret to Berry. 

"We’ve talked about this, he and I," the Oscar winner shared. "Actually a few days ago when I knew I was coming here and then I said, 'You know, I was on her first season.' He goes, 'So was I.' And I said, 'You mean you could have found me 20 years ago and saved me all this misery I've been through?'"

"How come you didn’t arrange that Ellen?" the actress asked jokingly. "Woulda saved me three marriages." Berry was previously married to David Justice, Eric Benét and Olivier Martinez. She shares a daughter, Nahla, 13, with ex Gabriel Aubry, and a son, Maceo, 8, with Martinez. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Since Berry and DeGeneres discussed her son's recent interest in cursing earlier in the interview, she jokingly let the f-word fly. "I have two other f--king kids that I wouldn’t have to share two f--king daddies with," Berry said, "and I would be f--king happier, so it's your fault. It's your f--king fault, Ellen."

Expletives aside, it's clear Berry has hearts in her eyes. "It's my time. It was finally my time," she previously told ET, "and the right one finally showed up."