Halle Berry Teared Up When Her Son Presided Over 'Commitment Ceremony' With Van Hunt

The 'Bruised' director-star opened up about her budding relationship with the musician.

Halle Berry and her boyfriend, Van Hunt, were overcome with emotion when Berry's 8-year-old son, Maceo, held a "commitment ceremony" for the couple.

The Bruised actress-director opened up about the touching moment in an interview with AARP the Magazine, saying she "teared up" during the loving act because she thinks her little one can finally see how the musician makes her genuinely happy.

"My son, Maceo, of his own volition did this little commitment ceremony for us in the back seat of the car," Berry explained. "I think he finally sees me happy, and it's infectious. It was his way of saying, 'This is good. I like this. This makes me happy.'"

AARP The Magazine (Cliff Watts)

Berry couldn't contain herself in the moment, and it showed in how she reacted to it.

"It was a very real moment for all of us," the 55-year-old actress said. "I teared up, Van was fighting back tears. Even Maceo knew he’d said something poignant. It meant a lot to us. I have two children with two different fathers. Van has a son. As a mom living this modern, blended family, all I care about is that my kids are OK with the decisions I’m making."

Berry and Hunt have been together since September 2020. They spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier at the AFI Fest screening in November for Berry's Bruised, where Frazier asked them if they wanted to make things "official."

"I would love to," Hunt told ET at the time, with Berry adding, "It is official."

"Oh right, that's right, her son," Hunt shared, quickly adding, "Somebody married us."

Berry has two kids -- daughter Nahla, 13, from her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and Maceo from her previous marriage to Olivier Martinez.

Berry, who opened up in detail about some of her false starts in past relationships, shared with AARP the Magazine about how "women get stuck in relationships," and oftentimes they're forcing themselves to "make it work" and "fix it." But with Hunt, it's been nothing short of bliss.

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"I have this new amazing love in my life [musician Van Hunt]," the Moonfall actress said. "Because of COVID, we spent four months talking on the phone. We were forced to only let our brains connect and discover if we had a connection before our bodies decided to get involved. I’d never done it this way."

"We talked for hours and hours and hours and hours and never got tired," Berry continued. "I fell in love with his mind, his conversation. I realized: I really like him. I really liked who he was, and I can’t say I felt that way before. I really believe I’ve found my person. I fell in love with him before I even met him."

While the pair has not tied the knot, that's not what Berry led everyone to believe on New Year's Day when she took to Instagram and posted a photo of her and Hunt kissing at a chapel. The photo, coupled with the "it's official" caption, set off quite the stir.

Berry, during an appearance Wednesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, explained that's not quite what she intended.

"First of all, this was not supposed to happen like this," Berry explained. "I was with my boyfriend. We were on an island. We had copious amounts of drinks at the bar. We make it back to our room and we pass this little chapel, and we think, 'Oh, let's go in here. Let's see what's inside here.' So, we go in. And while we're in there, we get this crazy idea."

"We think, let's call his mom. Let's take a photo of us and send it to her and say, 'Guess what, we got married,'" she continued. "So we took the photo and then, after we saw how good the photo came out, we said, 'Let's play this joke on everybody, on our friends on Instagram. Let's post it and then let's swipe over and tell them it's official.' Swipe. It's 2022, right?' That's how we thought it would play and then everybody would be like, 'Good one, Halle. Good one, Van.' But instead, within five minutes, we got all of these congratulations from, like, Ava DuVernay and The Rock."