Celeb Skin Expert Nurse Jamie Says This Sleeping Habit Causes Premature Aging -- Here's How to Fix It

Hollywood's beauty pro dishes on the bad habit that creates wrinkles, do's and don'ts of fillers and other skincare tips!

If you follow Nurse Jamie, aka Jamie Sherrill, on Instagram, you know how easy it is to find yourself infinitely scrolling through her mesmerizing, can't-look-away skin treatments, from tightening to sculpting, collagen building, fillers, hair removal -- she does it all. The Los Angeles-based aesthetician has an impressive roster of star-studded clients for that reason, including Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Kate Hudson, Lea Michele, Jessica Alba, Emily Ratajkowski and Olivia Culpo, and they often make an appearance on her page.

Using her own line of innovative beauty tools and skincare products, such as the purple UpLift Facial Massaging Roller and the uniquely shaped Beauty Bear Age Defy Pillow, the skin guru is a pro when it comes to rejuvenating and maintaining a youthful complexion. 

To score secrets on how to age backward, ET picked the expert's brain on everything skincare, from her A-list treatments to how sleeping on your side can ruin your skin and advice on choosing procedures that are right for you. Read on for her invaluable tips ahead! 

Lasers Are a Girl's Best Friend

Nurse Jamie is known for combination therapy, which means she works with various mediums, whether that's Botox or fillers in tasteful amounts. She's all about "aging gracefully," meaning conducting treatments that are subtle yet extremely effective. And she's a huge proponent of lasers, which are "a girl's best friend." 

"You can do everything [with lasers]. I’d say the most popular thing right now is tightening. Especially [since] it’s summer, so body tightening. Before you go out on the beach, if you just want to tone up, lessen the appearance of cellulite. Tightening the back of the arms for those paparazzi shots. It’s like sometimes a filter can’t cover everything." 

Do Not Sleep On Your Side or Stomach

"I think the year-round No. 1 tip I have is don’t side-sleep."

"I always have to put more filler and Botox on your sleeping side. A lot of people don’t know that. Your head is very heavy. It’s the weight of a bowling ball."

What if we sleep on our tummy?

"No, you cannot sleep on your stomach. Your head is very heavy and you spend a third of your life, you know 6 to 8 hours a night, [sleeping]. I always have to put more filler. You know, I always tell my young clients, 'Listen to me now or pay me later.' It’s true. It really does make a difference." 

The Nurse Jamie Pillow Will Save You


You heard her! Sleeping poorly and in the wrong position can cause wrinkles, which is why Nurse Jamie created the Beauty Bear Age Defy Pillow. Its soft satin-silk fabrication and unique U-shape design cradles the face and neck and fits the contours of your face and head to avoid any lines, wrinkles or damage to the skin. Plus, it's better for your hair and it won't absorb any natural oils and skincare products you put on before you go to bed as regular cotton pillowcases do. 


"I know it looks odd, but the negative space is on purpose. If you’re a side sleeper, you position this on the side that you sleep on and the negative space is designed to cradle, not crush the delicate facial skin. And it’s small and people think it’s a travel pillow, but it’s not, because what happens if you’re a side sleeper, and like 75% of us are, if you have a larger pillow what happens is you take it and you use it against you." 


"No. 1 cause of premature aging is UV damage and No. 2 is smoking, maybe not in LA but worldwide, No. 3 is poor sleep habits, including side sleeping, so it really does make a difference. Just like I have to do more pigment laser on your driving side, I have to do more filler and Botox on your sleeping side." 


What if you're a back sleeper?


"If you’re a back sleeper you can sleep on any pillow, but it’s more than just the pillowcase, it’s also simple physics, because a traditional pillow is 6 ½ to 7 inches, the higher the angle, the more likely you are to get what we call those necklace lines. And it’s not just the face, it’s the décolletage."   

It's Never Too Late To Start Taking Care of Your Skin 

"There’s always a time to start and making things better. I don’t believe that [it's too late] at all. Obviously, the No. 1 cause of premature aging is UV damage, so stay out of the sun. Sun damage is really hard to kind of mitigate that, so that’s an easy one." 

Less Is More When Getting Fillers and Stick to the Style of Your Face 

"I say less is more on filler because it’s so much easier to add than it is to take away. And I personally like to stay away from the nasolabial folds and the cheeks. I like to do what I call 'hidden filler.'"

In other words, avoid looking too "done."


"I do think that it’s also in keeping with the style of your face. Because what happens now, it’s so funny, because I’ve been practicing for quite some time and it used to be people would bring in a picture of themselves like 10 years ago and they’d say, 'Make me look like this.' Now, they have their iPhone and they show me a picture of a celebrity and they’re like, 'This is what I want.' So if you want, like, a Kylie lip or an Angelina Jolie lip or a Megan Fox eye, it might not be in keeping with your face, so it’s always about adjusting and keeping with your own face style."


Nurse Jamie is known for "microdosing," which involves injecting tiny amounts of filler on specific parts of the face for a natural, rejuvenated finish.

"The reason I’m so excited about this treatment is because it’s kinda putting restoring filler as we lose it. It’s kinda doing what I call baby drop technique. Just doing little bits. So it’s restoring, so it’s not about adding an addition, it’s more about just restoring what was lost. We start losing collagen at 25 ... So we have to do things that cause cell turnover." 


Celebs Love Her Facial Roller


Most likely you've seen it before -- the Insta-famous metallic purple stick-like roller every skincare junkie is raving about, including your favorite celebs. Nurse Jamie's innovative, easy-to-use UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller consists of 24 massaging stones that energize and revive your skin as it moves back and forth for a visible result. It improves circulation, increases absorption of your skincare products, improves skin tone and releases visible lines. 

"It’s a mini facial in the palm of your hand. It’s so easy. But the best, we have a ton of celebrity testimonials on this. I mean you’ve seen Jessica Alba, Ashley Graham, Jenna Dewan, Giuliana Rancic. I mean, on and on, but the best testimonial I can give you is that it works." 


Receiving Little Treatments Consistently Goes a Long Way


Now, we know celebs have access to the best of beauty, and there's a lot of time and work that goes into achieving such an ageless complexion. 


"I always say red carpet looks are the result of well-laid plans. And it’s not just treatments, and treatments can be subtle, something as small as laser treatments or great skincare, home-delivered meals, trainers, but absolutely, these people are well taken care of. And it’s hard work, it really is hard work to keep it all going." 

Her Thoughts on Botox Parties


"I think that’s a huge no-no. I mean I think spa treatments, spa parties are OK, but I think certain procedures, including, like, injectables, I would definitely have in a place that’s inspected, in a place that it’s cleaned properly, not that someone’s home is not, but I would not go to that level. I would say that’s a big no-no."