'Celebrity Big Brother': One Houseguest Willingly Leaves, While Another Gets Eliminated

During Friday's episode, one star shocked the others when they decided to leave the house early.

"Two sides of the house at odds," that's how Julie Chen Moonves kicked off Friday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother. As season 3 is in full gear, the celebrities are scheming, strategizing and making alliances. But before the stars said "bye, bye, bye" to one celeb, one decided to willingly leave.

But first, this week, UFC champ Miesha Tate won the Head of Household for the second time, putting up Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey and former Queer Eye star Carson Kressley on the block. However, as Meisha and Todrick Hall strategized, they quickly assessed that Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna Moakler were also threats.

However, before they could further scheme, the group was notified that Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan had removed himself from the game and went home.

"Houseguests, I have an important announcement. Chris Kattan will not be continuing in the Big Brother game," Miesha read a note out loud. "He wants you all to know that he's OK and he'll be sending a video message later to address his departure. Thank you, houseguests." He then shared a sweet message to all of the remaining guests.

With an elimination still ahead, the Power of Veto competition took place. Playing a game of "Reindeer Riders," those chosen had to ride a toy reindeer and stack as many snowflakes as they could. Whoever stacked the most would win. After it was all said and done, Shanna won the Power of Veto.

After holding the Veto meeting, Shanna saved Carson from the block. It was then Miesha's turn to choose his replacement; her former ally Kirkpatrick.

"Unfortunately, since Shanna blindsided me, she has forced my hand. And because recently Chris has given me reasons to doubt his loyalty, I had to put him up," Miesha said. "But it doesn't feel good."

With the balance of power shifting, Shanna and Miesha were starting to stress. Kirkpatrick, meanwhile, attempted to console Shanna and tell her this is what they wanted.

With tensions running high, an unexpected argument happened between Cynthia and Todd Bridges after she asked him if he had a problem with her. "Now, it's personal," the former Housewife said through tears as the live eviction was just minutes away.

When it came time to cast the vote it was time to say "bye, bye, bye" to Kirkpatrick with people voting 5-0 to give him the boot. The former NSYNC singer admitted he was shocked to see Shanna and others vote him out.

But, the game wasn't over as a new Head of Household was chosen. The remaining celebs then competed in a game where they stood on oversized director's chairs, were tilted and messed with. The celeb who held on the longest would win HOH.

Watch the rest of the competition play out on Paramount+. The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.