'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 3: Second Famous Houseguest Gets Evicted By Unanimous Vote

The season 3 'Celebrity Big Brother' house just got a little more roomy.

The tensions are rising in the Celebrity Big Brother house!

Monday's new episode of the reality competition series saw the houseguests truly embracing the core values of the show -- including long conversations held in hushed whispers, secret plans that only make sense if you don't think about them and wildly overestimating other people's loyalty.

Last week, the first houseguest to get booted was Teddi Mellencamp, following a complicated series of unexpected twists that seemingly threw a few of the early alliances for a loop.

As this week rolled around, the alliances have been more distinctly drawn. Miesha Tate has a close connection to Todrick Hall, and the pair looking to cement their alliance with Mirai Nagasu while trying to target Carson Kressley for eviction.

Meanwhile, Chris Kirkpatrick -- who was named Head of Household earlier this week -- is working closely with Shanna Moakler, and they have their sights set on ousting Mirai, whom they see as a threat due to her athleticism.

As the episode began, Mirai was on the chopping block, alongside Chris Kattan, whom Kirkpatrick said he was putting up as a pawn to boot the Olympic figure skater.

In the Power of Veto competition, both Kattan and Kirkpatrick competed against Mirai, Shanna, Todrick and Cynthia Bailey. The challenge -- inspired by the forthcoming Jennifer Lopez rom-com Marry Me -- saw the players facing off in a Where's Waldo-like game, looking for a person holding up a sign that says "Marry Me" among a huge crowd of sign-holders.

After several rounds, the game ended up in a tie between Shanna and Todrick -- which was settled with a tie-breaker that Shanna managed to win (barely).

With Shanna earning the Power of Veto -- and being Kirkpatrick's ally -- she decided not to use the power and kept Kattan and Mirai on the chopping block.

In one of the most unusual moments of the game so far, Kattan -- who fully admitted that he doesn't really understand how the game works -- used his final plea before the vote to essentially ask the other players to vote for him, and keep Mirai in the game.

"I think it's time for me to move on and you've been very dedicated to playing the game," Kattan told Mirai. "It's been very important to you. And I have seen that for a while, you know, from a couple of weeks, you've had a lot of dramatic moments and I think you should stay and I should move on and I will see you all on the outside, I love you all."

"That is an unusual speech," host Julie Chen Moonves said with a laugh after the comments." I don't know if it's reverse psychology, but let's see how it works out for you."

Despite an emotional final plea from Mirai -- and a white flag put up by Kattan -- the houseguests all clearly recognized how much more dangerous Mirai is to their game and ended up voting unanimously to evict the 28-year-old Olympian -- which didn't seem to surprise her.

Sitting down with Julie after the eviction, she revealed that she was "absolutely" prepared to get sent home this week.

"It was really lonely for me. And then I didn't relate to anyone," explained Mirai, who was the youngest houseguest by several years.

She did, however, admit to forming a genuine friendship with Kattan, and said she hopes he comes out of his shell a bit more because he's actually very personable and charming in quiet moments.

Now, the game is down to the nine stars still standing, and the next Head of Household is still to be determined on the next episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.