Celebs React to Night 1 of the 2020 Republican National Convention

Speeches from Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. were hot topics of conversation on Twitter Monday night.

The 2020 Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday, and featured some memorable moments. The virtual event proved to be a talking point for many celebs who took to Twitter to reflect on the night's fiery speeches.

The first night of the event featured addresses from several big names in the Republican party, including Nikki Haley, Donald Trump Jr., among others. They all had a clear message of support for President Donald Trump.

One speaker who generated a lot of chatter on Twitter was Kimberly Guilfoyle -- the girlfriend of Trump Jr. who also happens to be the ex-wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Guilfoyle delivered a notably enthusiastic speech, which some celebs described as "very loud" on Twitter. 

Meanwhile, others seemed to take offense at the actual content of her speech. For instance, Sunny Hostin called into question her claims that she is a "first generation American" because her mother is from Puerto Rico -- which is a U.S. territory, and whose residents are U.S. citizens.

Trump Jr. also delivered an impassioned speech which sought to both address the civil unrest in the wake of the death of George Floyd, while at the same time praise the work of police officers and argue for the importance of law and order.

"Every American must be free to live without fear of violence in your country, in your communities and in your homes. All men and women are created equal and must be treated equally under the law," Trump Jr. said during the virtual convention. "That's why we must put an end to racism and we must ensure that any police officer who abuses their powers is held accountable. What happened to George Floyd is a disgrace and if you know a police officer, you know they agree with that, too."

"But we cannot lose sight of the fact that our police are American heroes," he continued. "They deserve our deepest appreciation. Because no matter what the Democrats say, you and I both know, when we dial 911, we don't want it going to voicemail. So, defunding the police is not an option."

He went on to praise his father's administration, particularly Trump's response to the coronavirus. He spent much of his speech detailing the differences in policies and practices between his father and Joe Biden. He painted a bleak picture of what a Biden presidency may look like, while espousing the merits of Trump's four years in office.

While many celebs made digs at Guilfoyle and Trump Jr., outspoken conservative commentators heralded a speech from former football star Herschel Walker, who spoke to his long-time friendship with President Trump, and vouched for his integrity.

Overall, the response to the opening night seemed to play out along party lines, with some mocking the convention while others praised its ambitious start.

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