'Cheer' Star Lexi Brumback Opens Up About Her Return to Navarro (Exclusive)

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Lexi Brumback couldn't be happier to be back on the squad!

After being kicked off the Navarro College's competitive cheerleading team, the Cheer  star has returned to take home another title. Brumback stopped by ET on Friday, where she opened up about coming back to the squad and the conversations she had with coach Monica Aldama. 

At the end of the competitive season, Brumback was kicked off the team after illegal substances were found in a car she was in with friends. In January, shortly after the series premiered on Netflix, she revealed on Instagram that she had returned to Navarro to cheer with their team once again.

"Whenever I was going to the other college, I just didn't feel like it was a good fit for me," Brumback told ET's Katie Krause. "I didn't have that 'at home' feeling that I did when I was at Navarro and I told my parents and a few people about it. I had reached out to [Monica] and, actually, the whole time I was at the other school, there was a bunch of people on Navarro saying, 'Please come back,' and even the assistant coaches. Andy [Cosferent] and I were communicating and I was still communicating with Monica too. It just wasn't about coming back until I found out it wasn't really working out for me."

"Monica's been the type to, in the past, she's given second chances and she knew that my intentions weren't bad and that I did really want to prove myself and I'm not the bad decisions that I've made," she said. "I'm better than that. So she was open to giving me another chance and I'm really thankful she did because life's been so crazy, like, just crazy in a good way since I've been back."

There was a moment when Brumback did stop cheering while she was at her other school, admitting that she "wasn't feeling it." "I didn't feel like it was a good fit for me," she explained, adding that after she quit, she focused on school and going to class. "I just didn't really have the motivation to go into the gym and tumble."

However, watching the docuseries inspired Brumback to get back into cheer. "That's one of the major reasons why I wanted to come back, just watching it put me on such an emotional roller coaster because last year really was an incredible year," she said. "Getting to rewatch it and relive that, it made me want to come back and experience all of that all over again because it's an indescribable, amazing feeling."

As for how she was portrayed on the show, Brumback says it was "accurate, for the most part," explaining that toward the end, they painted her to look like she was "messing up really badly."

"I did put on Twitter that the rave scene that they put in the last episode actually happened months before Daytona," she explained. "And they made it look like that's all I was doing when I left, and that's not the case. They kind of just made it seem like when I left that I was just gonna be screwing up and everything. I actually went to school, just not to Navarro. I went to a different college and that's the only thing I think wasn't really accurate, but everything else they did a really amazing job with telling that story."

She also stated that the show made raving and the whole community look like a negative thing. "It was like it was bad and about making bad decisions," she said. "They even put that quote in the rave scene and I was like, that's so messed up! It's not about making bad decisions, it's about being in an atmosphere and listening to good music and enjoying yourself."

"[But], I was raving the whole time. I was," she said with a laugh.

Above all else, Brumback had an incredible experience and has received nothing but positive feedback. "It's been a lot of positivity just coming and all of the doors that have opened and all of the people we've gotten the privilege of meeting," she reflected. "How heartwarming it is to know we've inspired so many people. There's so many really kind people out there that really just want to see us doing good and it feels really amazing."

For now, Brumback and the rest of the squad are set to compete at the 2020 NCA National Championships, where they hope to take home the title once again. 

Cheer is now streaming on Netflix.


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