Cheryl Burke Reveals She Has a Crush on a Neuroscientist -- and Wants Him to Appear on Her Podcast (Exclusive)

The pro dancer filed for divorce from Matthew Lawrence in February.

Cheryl Burke is preparing to get back into the dating game. ET's Lauren Zima spoke to the 38-year-old dancer about her plans to date following her divorce from Matthew Lawrence, and the surprising crush she's currently harboring. 

"I would love a neuroscientist, if I'm being really picky. But we're trying not to be, so I’m trying not to predict my future as if I have any control over it," she said, before admitting that she does have "someone specific" in mind, and he works at Stanford. 

After some digging, Burke confirmed to ET that her current crush is Dr. Andrew Huberman, associate professor at the prestigious college. Burke noted that she'd love to welcome Dr. Huberman onto her new iHeartRadio podcast, Burke In The Game, on which she's chronicling her return to dating.

"He doesn't know I have a crush on him... I refuse to do a dating app, but I will definitely internet crush all day long. I'm into his brain and maybe his looks," she said. "... [He's] a big crush of mine. I might be ready to date if he comes on [my podcast]. I doubt he would ever do this podcast, but that's fine." 

If things don't work out with the professor, Burke's famous friends are down to set her up.

"Jack Osbourne just tried to [set me up] yesterday," Burke revealed. "... Of course I go straight to Google. I don’t think Google is a good thing... I wouldn't want people to judge me off my Google history... [After my online search] I was about to be like, '[He's] maybe not for me,' but that’s the old Cheryl Burke. I’m trying to have an open mind."

As she prepares to give her all to dating, Burke has been reflecting on what led to her split from Lawrence.

"People evolve and people sometimes, unfortunately, grow apart," Burke told ET. "I think that's unfortunately what happened and was the reason why I am able to keep some sort of peace within myself, knowing that we both tried, we didn’t just give up. I think that it's OK."

"I have to accept it for what it is or you can stay in a marriage that maybe not everyone is happy in," she added. "I definitely don't want to feel stagnant."

While starting on her journey of self-improvement, Burke said she's "taking accountability" for her past mistakes.

"I think it's important just to take accountability over your own life, because obviously, you can't control anybody. I have learned this the hard way," she said. "I don't wish that I did anything differently. We did try. We were in couples therapy... but really, I think, it's important that I move on. I also learn from my experience and just try to be better. I think that has always been my goal."

Despite her divorce, Burke said that she does "totally" see herself tying the knot again one day.

"I miss the computability, just being with another person, with another human being... It is lonely," she said of being single. "... There are moments, for sure, of sadness, and reflection, and just wanting to be able to share your life with somebody. I am definitely not saying I will never get married again."

Burke's return to dating is something she's exploring on  Burke In The Game, on which listeners hear from sex therapists and relationship experts as she begins to date again.

"I am so scared," Burke told ET of the interactive podcast. "... This is not something that I love doing, surrendering to strangers, but definitely something I think is needed for me. I am a control freak and I think I know best, but maybe I don't."

So far, Burke said she's learned "so much" about herself, though she is "still trying to figure out my identity in a way." While she works to figure that out, Burke said support from her fans and listeners "means the world" to her.

"I was really lonely sometimes, and with that, all you want is that reassurance that everything is going to be OK," she said. "You hear from your friends and family, which I am so grateful for, but to hear from fans that are going through divorce... hopefully this podcast can help them as well."