'Chicago Med': Torrey DeVitto and Nick Gehlfuss Say Natalie and Will Need to Kiss and Make Up (Exclusive)

The actors talk to ET about the state of the former couple's complicated relationship status.

It may be a while before Natalie Manning and Will Halstead reconcile, but even Chicago Med stars Torrey DeVitto and Nick Gehlfuss are getting a little restless when it comes to their characters' roller-coaster on-again/off-again relationship status.

"It's been a long time since they've actually been together, so I do think we need to come together soon just to give the fans a little something," DeVitto told ET's Cassie DiLaura during the OneChicago press day earlier this month. "And then kind of pull away again."

What's complicating matters for the former couple right now is Natalie's manipulative fiance, Philip (Ian Harding), who will go to great lengths to keep her by his side, and the side effects of Natalie's traumatic brain injury following last season's violent accident contributing to her memory loss.

"A fake engagement is what's standing in our way!" Gehlfuss quipped half-jokingly of the problematic "other man," Philip. "We're all in agreement he's suspect, right?"

"I just think it's all suspect and he's suspect," DeVitto said of Natalie's current situation. "I agree with everybody. I don't think it's a good relationship for Natalie. I didn't say [Will] was a good relationship for Natalie, let's just make that clear."

But DeVitto and Gehlfuss were on board with Natalie and Will coming back together before the end of the season -- enough time for the two doctors to even possibly walk down the aisle.

"I think Natalie needs a new dress. That one is cursed at this point," she said, referring to her character's complicated past relationships, but was quick to voice her support for a happy ending for the pair. "I would totally be down for another wedding."

"Maybe the idea of a marriage in general is cursed. They might elope and do something secretive," Gehlfuss offered. "I think they should come together because there's plenty of drama that can happen in a relationship."

But how would they push Philip out of the picture? Gehlfuss had an answer at the ready. "Poison!" he joked.

Though Natalie and Philip's relationship is far from healthy, it's been a Pretty Little Liars reunion for DeVitto and Harding on Chicago Med. DeVitto revealed that she was the one who put his name in the hat when it came time to cast for Natalie's fake fiance.

"Ian's been one of my closest friends for over 10 years now, since the [Pretty Little Liars] pilot. So I was like, I want a friend out here to play with me from L.A., so I said, 'Hire my friend Ian.' And they watched his reel and they loved him and they brought him out," she shared, before getting candid about having to kiss one of her good pals onscreen. "I thought it was going to be a guest star. I did not know we would have a love thing and I'd  have to kiss him!"

"Because he's been a brother for so long, like, you don't want to kiss your best friend. I got very nervous when I read that. We were both, I think, nervous because to be that close of friends and then have to make out is very awkward," DeVitto continued with a laugh. "I feel like you have to get the giggles out of the way and bring it out to the table. Ian and I were both like, 'This is awkward! We hate this. Let's just do it the best we can t get it over with.' You gotta break the ice."

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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