'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Cast Share Their Reactions to Series Finale (Exclusive)

Holy Hell -- 'CAOS' is really coming to an end.

Holy Hell -- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is really coming to an end. The Netflix series concludes with Part 4 on Dec. 31, and according to the cast, it goes out with quite a bang. 

Lucky for fans, ET has our own little coven led by Leanne Aguilera, who spoke with the cast about everything that goes down -- and how the viewers feel about it.

"I hope people found joy in the show and I hope people found an escape in the show," star Kiernan Shipka told ET during our exclusive virtual red carpet. "And I hope that this show inspired people to come into their own power and be the most unapologetic version of themselves."

"I think all these characters were given such beautiful arcs, and every character changed and grew so much and to the best version of themselves by the end of Part 4. I hope that people who rode along with us felt like maybe they can do that in their own lives as well," she added. "I hope parallels were found, because I know I found them. So, I really hope that it really inspires people to just live fearlessly and boldly and kindly at the end of the day." 

From "mind-blowing" to "beautiful" and everything in between, read on for more of the cast's reactions to the CAOS finale. 

Gavin Leatherwood: You know what? How kind of beautiful. What a great send off and interesting, Shakespearean kind of thing to do. 

Skye Marshall: I haven't read it and I haven't seen it. So, I'm going to find out with the fans. I have no idea. 

Tati Gabrielle: My reaction? "Oh my god, the fans are going to be so mad!" In like, the best of ways. Like, that finale is just -- I don't know how to tease it without spoiling it. Everything very much comes to a climax... the fight that the witches have to go into, just this season in general, they're going to be mad. 

Michelle Gomez: Well, I screamed. I did scream, and then I thought, "No, there's no way they're going to pull that off." It was ambitious. Let's just say, in terms of casting, it was hugely ambitious, and I still can't believe they managed to to pull it off. I think [fans are] going to die. I mean, put it this way: I was on set with them, the new cast member, and I just couldn't take my eyes of him or her or it. So, yeah. ... I was completely mind blown, I think they're going to love it. 

Lachlan Watson: I think in some perfect way it ended up being a really good and really powerful ending, because it does leave you wanting more but with like, an acceptance that will come with the finale that we've been dealing with all these big heady enemies. I think all of that comes to a really honest place. It's the perfect way to end it, but I think some people are going to be a little mad. I think we were a little mad. We want to do more! I think the fans are going to want more. 

Miranda Otto: I think I was the only one that had a sneaking suspicion that we were saying goodbye on that last day. I was crying and hugging people. 

Lucy Davis: Miranda said to me about two weeks before, she had a theory of why she didn't think we would be coming back, and it hadn't occurred to me. We were outside at 2 in the morning, outside of the Spellman house, and I remember being in a bit of a daze the first few takes, like, "Is this the last time we're going to see the Spellman house?"... I was able to go, "This might be the last time."... She's psychic with all these things. 

Kiernan Shipka: There were different versions of the script depending on if it was a finale or not, but the shot that we ended up going with, the second that I read that I was like, "Oh, that’s the end." I know we could keep going and I know we could make something out of it, but my gosh is that an ending. And I was just like, "Got it, that’s it."

I think [fans] are going to be overwhelmed with emotions, because I was and I would think that they would think similarly. I think everyone will be happy with it but also a little surprised. I was surprised. It’s not a predictable ending and I really didn’t see that coming in any way, shape or form. It does wrap things up, but it certainly does not leave you fully satisfied -- in a good way.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4 starts streaming Thursday, Dec. 31 on Netflix.


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