Chip Gaines Dishes on First Dates with Wife Joanna in 'Fixer Upper' Series Finale

The hit series aired its final episode on Tuesday night and Chip was stoked to get to work with one of his favorite musicians.

After five seasons, Chip and Joanna Gaines closed the door on their final renovation during the series finale of Fixer Upper on Tuesday.

But before pulling the curtains on the hit HGTV home makeover series, Chip fanboyed over one of his favorite musicians, then sweetly discussed one of his first dates with Joanna to the couple’s four children.

“We have one last thing to do before we turn this thing over to mama. You know what it is?” the 43-year-old reality star asked the youngsters.

“Plant a magnolia tree!” one of his sons adorably replied.

“You know what’s interesting about a magnolia tree?” Chip continued. “One of mama and I’s first dates, I climbed up a magnolia tree and I pulled her off a magnolia bloom and I gave it to her.”

“We love magnolia trees,” he added during a piece-to-camera. “It really embodies our company. It’s basically become our mascot, so every project we do, we try to plant a magnolia tree.”

The cute story behind the couple’s love wasn’t the only fun moment from the finale.

While the episode offered essentially no cues that this is the last time we'll be renovating a home with the Gaines family, there was an extra special element to the couple chosen for the finale -- Mike Herrera, frontman of the classic punk rock band MxPx, and his wife, Holli.

And Chip couldn’t help but fanboy as he came face-to-face with his musical hero!

"I'm fangirling,” he said, after the couple joined him and Joanna in the car. “I just want y'all to know, I'm a huge fan and I think y’all are gorgeous."

Later, as Chip and Joanna worked on a special acoustic room for the 41-year-old rocker’s music sessions, Chip went one step further in his fandom, declaring he might just join the band.

“We just gotta customize this [room,] so that it’s exactly what Mike wants. So, the dude can just go in there and jam,” he said. “And I’m going to join him -- he said he needed a tambourinist.”

And, yes, the wannabe rock star turned up later in the episode with his own tambourine ... and even some fake tattoos!

The final renovation also appeared to hit a chord with Joanna, who felt she was in her element with the house they were working on.

“I love this house,” she said, beaming. “Any time we get to mess with these older houses and the character really starts coming through, I just feel like I’m at home.”

To mark the show’s end, HGTV also recently aired a retrospective episode, where the pair reflected on their incredible experience with the series.

During the special, Joanna said involving their children in the journey had been a highlight.

"I think, just the kids getting to be a part of it," she said. "It's crazy to think how many houses we've done over the last five years. But then -- how fast they've grown up. I think it was a whirlwind. But it's one of those things where I wouldn't take any of it back. I wouldn't do it any differently."

"This has been chaotic, exciting, an adventure of a lifetime," Chip added. "And these kids just rolled with the punches."

Chip also shared how he never dreamed that the life-changing phone call that Joanna received expressing interest in making a sizzle reel with the pair for a potential TV show would lead to such a successful series.

"I remember, once they put it all together, and we saw it, we were like, 'I don't think anyone's gonna wanna watch that show.'"

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