Chris Cuomo Announces Prime-Time Show on NewsNation Following CNN Departure

The embattled news anchor announced on Tuesday that he is returning to the airwaves.

Chris Cuomo is coming back to TV. The embattled news anchor, who was fired from CNN in December, is joining NewsNation’s prime-time line-up this fall.

Chris, 51, revealed the news during a sit-down chat with NewsNation's Dan Abrams Live on Tuesday, where he discussed his new role with the Nexstar Media Group’s cable network.

"I want to help. I want to find a way to help people. I'm going to come to NewsNation, and I want to build something special here," Chris shared toward the end of Tuesday's show. "We're really hungry to make a difference in ways that I think matter."

"I have decided that I can't go back to what people see as 'the big game.' I don't think I can make a difference there," Chris shared. "I think we need insurgent media. I think we need outlets that aren't fringe and just trying to fill their pockets."

While the name of Chris' forthcoming show has not yet been announced, Dan said it set to kick off later this year.

Speaking about the media while teasing his announcement, Chis said he is not interested in "indicting the media," but rather being part of a effort toward greater accountability.

"We have the best media I've ever been around in the world... Our media is good. It is strong. There are problems. The problems are getting worse... But I think you have to look at it holistically," he shared. "Everybody has to want to have some responsibility."

During his sit-down interview, Chris also addressed his controversial departure from CNN, which came after he was suspended when documents surfaced that indicated he may have used his sources as a journalist and media personality to assist in helping his brother, then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, build a legal defense against multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. 

"I never contacted any media who were covering my brother to try to affect their coverage," Chris stated. "I talk to people in the media all the time. They’re most of the people in my life."

Dan responded by pressing Chris on his comments, stating, "But you said, 'I never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation.' You did make calls to the press about your brother’s situation."

"But I think the distinction has a meaningful difference," Chris replied. "The concern would be not that I called you and said, 'What do you think’s going on here?' It’s me calling you and saying, 'Hey, tonight in your segment I hope you remember that.' But that’s what I meant and that’s what matters."

Chris has filed an unlawful termination lawsuit against his former network, alleging that he was wrongfully terminated based on false claims that he defied journalistic ethics, which led to "his journalistic integrity [being] unjustifiably smeared."

"I learned something during this period. I have been obsessed with what happened, when what was known. There are a lot of facts that are going to come out," Chris said. "I’ve also learned that they are largely only important to me, in terms of what I want people to think, and want people to feel, and how I want them to see me. That’s about me. I don’t think that it’s helpful to a lot of other people. So yes, there’s litigation going on, but I’m telling you, I never lied and there were no secrets."

For more on Chris' high-profile CNN termination, check out the video below.