Chris Cuomo Claps Back at Online Troll Amid Recovery From Coronavirus

The CNN host wasn't taking any online hate on his Instagram account.

Chris Cuomo has a zero-tolerance policy for haters as he continues to battle COVID-19 while hosting his CNN show Cuomo Prime Time. In an epic clapback captured by the Instagram account @CommentsByCelebs, Cuomo replied to one person who wrote, "Praying this plague take you out." 

"Prepare for disappointment, punk," Cuomo fired back. 

The journalist was diagnosed with the coronavirus late last month, being open with his audience as he continues to broadcast from his home. He previously told viewers that he lost 13 pounds in three days and has hallucinated due to his intense fever. 

Chris and his older brother, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, have become even more prominent public figures since the coronavirus outbreak began last month. Andrew regularly appears on his brother's show, and the siblings are known for giving one another a tough time. 

“The brothers are aware of the ‘Cuomo Crush’ and #CuomoBrothers. They think it’s cute and playful," a source previously told ET. "Both brothers know the responsibility they have during this global crisis and they take their jobs seriously. Chris has lighthearted moments during interviews with his brother, but isn’t afraid to ask him tough questions and hold him accountable. They both respect what the other does, and both are extremely proud of one another despite the ribbing.”

For more from the Cuomo brothers, watch the clip below: 


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