Chris Evans Hilariously Responds to Leslie Jones' 'Husband' Comments After Watching 'Infinity War'

CHris Evans and Leslie Jones
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The 'SNL' comedian also got a teasy response from Brie Larson about her role in the Marvel universe.

Chris Evans knows how to get the ladies' attention, specifically Leslie Jones'.

The Saturday Night Live cast member watched the superhero flick Avengers: Infinity War for the first time earlier this week, live-tweeting the experience -- and the results were hilarious. During the film, Jones got very excited when Evans' Captain America appeared on-screen and couldn't help but express her thoughts about his rugged new look.

"Dayum!! Captain America," she tweeted alongside a video where she can be heard saying, "Ladies and gentleman, introducing my mother**king husband. Oh my God, Captain America you are fine as f**k. And you got a beard. Motherf**ker, yeah!”

Evans took notice of Jones' tweet, hilariously replying, "What’s truly shocking is that this is EXACTLY what @Paul_Bettany says to me every time I enter a room. Verbatim."

Of course, Jones couldn't help but reply back, writing, "LMAO!! I’ll be your huckleberry baby!! Lol lol"

The comedian continued to live-tweet the rest of the movie, getting very upset with its ending.


During the final moments, Jones got livid when Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury disintegrated while making an urgent call.

"NOOOOOOO! Who was he calling?!" Jones tweeted.

It was then that Brie Larson, who will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Marvel next year, tweeted "New # who dis?"

Marvel fans, obviously, went wild!

ET recently sat down with Infinity Wars directors Anthony and Joe Russo, where they dished and explained the film's spoilers.

Watch below to hear what they shared.