How Chris Evans Reacted to Getting 'People' Magazine's 2022 Sexiest Man Alive (Exclusive)

This year's sexiest man alive is... Captain America himself, Chris Evans!

People's 2022 Sexiest Man Alive is... Captain America himself, Chris Evans!

The announcement was made on Monday's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, who revealed the news and played a video recorded by Evans from the set of his upcoming film, Red One.

The on-set video featured Evans' co-star, and former Sexiest Man Alive, Dwayne Johnson, who introduced Evans, who was wearing a "sexiest man" sash.

After bickering over who is "sexiest man" in perpetuity, Johnson asked Evans to "say something sexy."

Looking right into the camera, Evans pointed and declared with a smile, "Go vote tomorrow."

On Monday, the magazine announced that Evans is this year's holder of the coveted title, simultaneously ending Paul Rudd's reign of 2021.

The star is, of course, in esteemed company, joining a long-running club that features the likes of Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Idris Elba and 2020's Sexiest Man Alive, Michael B. Jordan. A select few have even earned the title twice, including Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp. 

On Tuesday, ET spoke with People magazine Editor at Large Julie Jordan, who shared Evans' response to the title.

"I think this is an ego boost for any of these guys to get this honor and for Chris, I think he was appreciative but he was extremely flustered to have to talk about it -- that's not necessarily in his comfort zone," she says. "But he was a good sport, he had a lot of fun at the shoot and, you know, he's just never going to take something like this very seriously. He's going to leave that to his mom who was ecstatic to hear that he had won this title and she said everyone in his family is just going to be beyond thrilled for him."

"Now when it comes to his friends, that's a different story," she continues. "He knew they were going to give him a very hard time about it as they should, you know, you get Sexiest Man Alive, that's something that your friends are allowed to rib you about, but he's worthy of it. That's the thing, they're gonna give him a hard time, but they can't really argue that he doesn't deserve it."

Jordan says Evans was the clear choice for the title this year.

"Everyone has reached out this morning saying, I thought he'd already gotten it because he's just so sexy. It would be an obvious one that we would have named in the past," she shares. "No, this was his year, every year kind of narrowing down who the guy should be is a process, we all debate about it, in house we have our favorites, and this year he had The Gray Man, Lightyear, he's doing his part to make sure people go vote, he is definitely having a moment. I can't even tell you, the reaction we've gotten just in the last 11 hours since the reveal, people are ecstatic and usually there's a great debate and I do not see a lot of debate this morning."

Jordan also shed light on Evans telling the magazine that he definitely wants to be a husband and father one day.

"He's kind of a softy," she notes. "He's really shy which was really surprising, but he, as he put it, he loves love and he's a romantic and he cries easily. We asked him what makes you a good partner now compared to when you were younger and he said he's learned to listen, he's learned the power of saying 'I'm sorry.' You know, he's really gotten to a place in his life when he wants to slow down a little bit, not work as hard, maybe focus on having a future that's more about being a husband and eventually having kids and that's definitely something he wants 100 percent. His parents have really set the tone for what it takes to have a good relationship and what it takes to be good parents and have this amazing family and that's what he looks forward to. He's really visualizing that and kind of set his sights on being the best husband and dad that he can possibly be." 

People's 2022 Sexiest Man Alive issue hits newsstands nationwide on Nov. 11.