Chris Harrison Recalls How He 'Lost Total Control' During 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All' (Exclusive)

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Chris Harrison could not contain the guys during the upcoming "Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette!

The Bachelorfranchise host spoke to ET's Lauren Zima following the taping for the reunion episode, which airs Monday night on ABC. With a season that's been full of drama, it's no surprise that things got wild when everyone sat down to talk about it.

"I feel like we went full Zoolander tonight," Harrison quipped. "I think we had a face-off and a walk-off in the middle of my show. What the hell happened? You lost total control!"

Though it may have been a bit unrestrained, Harrison admitted that he "love[s] where it goes," adding, "I love where the show takes us. In all seriousness, tonight was a great example of why I love the show and I love hosting it."

In addition to the out-of-control moments during the episode, the 47-year-old TV personality really appreciated the vulnerability displayed by Jason Tartick, who was abruptly sent home last week. 

"Jason, just gutted," he said. "In the way he articulated and felt his emotions and expressed them to us, he took you on that ride, you felt every ounce of that."

As for the Bachelorette herself, Becca Kufrin, she told ET that Tartick was the person she was most looking forward to speaking to during the taping. 

"That was such a strong relationship and I really started to fall in love with him, and so when I ended things so abruptly... I just wanted to give him a reason why and I wasn't fully able to do that, it was something I couldn't really verbalize [when I sent him home]," she said.

Another standout for Harrison during the taping was ex-NFL player Colton Underwood, who revealed he was a virgin during his run on the show.

"I don't know if he intended to go there tonight, but where we went with his virginity and the light that we're going to shine on that ... everyone's going to be talking about this issue of this athlete, this type of guy, who could have any girl he wants... turns out he's a virgin and he's been ashamed of this," Harrison said. "... Kudos to Colton. Huge respect and mad props to him for putting his heart out there, because it would've been so easy for him to be... glib, cavalier, joke it out and just walk away, and he didn't. He went there." 

Here's what Colton had to say about his "Men Tell All" appearance:


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