Chris Hemsworth’s Kids Don’t Want to Dress as Thor for Halloween, They Want a Different Superhero (Exclusive)

Hemsworth says he might even dress up as this blockbuster star.

Forget Thor! Chris Hemsworth’s kiddos have their sights set on another superhero for this year’s Halloween. The father of three dished to ET about his 5-year-old daughter India and twin sons Tristan and Sasha, both 3, at Monday’s Thor: Ragnarok screening in NYC.

“I tried to convince them to dress like Thor, but they may be fans of Wonder Woman instead of myself, which is fine with me,” Hemsworth, 34, told ET. “I'm a fan of Wonder Woman. I might even dress as her. Why not, you know?”

But Hemsworth admitted that Wonder Woman isn’t necessarily his kid’s confirmed costume.

“Yeah, basically we brought a few options because my kids have a sporadic kind of change of heart, constantly and we'll see,” he said. “I don't know what the official costume choice is yet.” 

The Aussie actor isn’t used to Halloween festivities, explaining, “We don't really do Halloween in Australia, so there very excited about the chocolates and the sweets and so on.”

Hemsworth’s latest Marvel installment had premiered to rave reviews, and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

“It feels amazing, god yeah,” he said of the positive response to the film. “Look we just set out to do something different, and we had so much fun. Every day was an experiment and we thought anything that felt familiar, we threw aside and tried something new. There’s a great sense of pride from all of us because we did have that much fun and people have responded to it, so it feels great.”

For more from Hemsworth, watch the clip below!