Chris Noth Teases Mr. Big's Return After Shocking Death on ‘And Just Like That’

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Do not read on if you haven't watched the first two episodes of And Just Like That.

Chris Noth may not be done with Mr. Big.

The Sex and the City star reprised his role as Carrie Bradshaw's husband for the rival, And Just Like That. However, fans were shocked to see the famous character die of a heart attack in the first episode. Now, almost a week after the major death, the actor reveals if his time as Mr. Big is officially over.

"I think there may be something. I can’t tell you what, but…there may be a little… there may be a haunting that happens," Noth tells Vogue. "I don’t know. I don’t want to get in trouble."

After completing his 1,000 Peloton bike ride with his favorite instructor Allegra, played by real-life instructor Jess King, Big goes to take a shower when he drops his phone and clutches his left shoulder in pain. (Peloton later released a statement about the scene.). As Carrie returns to their home after attending Charlotte's daughter's piano recital, Big is barely alive as Carrie screams and cries with the shower running over them both. The episode ends with Carrie's voiceover, saying, "And just like that, Big died." 

Noth, on his end, shares that he feels "good" about Big's death. "[Showrunner] Michael Patrick King is such a wonderful craftsman, and I thought it could have gone wrong easily, you know? He was on a tight rope in terms of not being over-sentimental or morbid," the actor explains. "I was really happy with how it came together and how the show looked and how it has reinvented itself. All things end, and it was time for him to go, unless we’re gonna be doing Scenes From a Marriage, Sex and the City style. There was nowhere to go with it but six feet under."

The scene between Carrie and Big is an emotional one, with barely any words said between them as Big breathes his final breath.

"We both called it the Bonnie and Clyde moment, which is that moment when Bonnie and Clyde are about to be eviscerated by bullets. They have that look with each other, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. They both know that it’s the end," Noth says of his and Sarah Jessica Parker's scene. "We knew that we had to have that, that I just shouldn’t die alone in the bathroom. There had to be that last moment and no words, no corny dialogue, just a look, and I thought [King] did it so beautifully. I always know I’m gonna be taken care of by Michael Patrick King, in the writing and shooting and editing, so I felt very comfortable with dying. [Laughs.]"

Many fans had a love-hate relationship with Big and in the second episode at his funeral Susan Sharon says, "Am I the only one who remembers what a prick he was to her?"

"I thought that was brilliant," Noth quips at the line. "You could probably say that about most marriages at some point. I thought it was, again, that thin line of making something that’s not overly maudlin and crying in your beer. It’s typical Michael Patrick King: put in a little Tabasco sauce."

Noth has previously shared that he was reluctant to return to the series and didn't love the attention his role brought to him. However, reflecting on first taking on the role of Big, he shares that what drew him to the character was his last line in the pilot.

"When she says, 'Have you ever been in love?' And he says, 'Abso-f**king-lutely.' I thought that was interesting," Noth shared. "But I was very suspicious of the character, to tell you the truth. At first I was like, 'Hmm.'"

Meanwhile, in another alternate universe Mr. Big is very much alive. Over the weekend, Peloton released a new commercial which sees Noth and the very same instructor, King, on the couch in front of crackling fire.

"To new beginnings," Noth says, holding up a glass. "To new beginnings," King agrees. "You look great."

"Well, I feel great," Noth affirms, adding, "Should we take another ride? Life's too short not to."

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