Chris Pratt and Charlie Day Share How Their Kids Reacted to 'Super Mario Bros. Movie' Roles (Exclusive)

Pratt and co-star Charlie Day opened up to ET about being a part of the hotly anticipated animated adventure.

For Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, providing the voices for Mario and Luigi in the hotly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie scored them some real "cool" points with their kids.

Pratt and Day sat down with ET's Matt Cohen over the weekend at a press day for the forthcoming animated adventure -- based on the iconic video game franchise -- and opened up about what their children thought of them being a part of bringing the iconic Mario brothers to the big screen.

"We're cool again," Day said with excitement. "We're back into cool dads status."

Day and his wife, actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis, share one son, 11-year-old Russell, and the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star said, "This is a big deal in the Day household. This is no joke this, this gig."

For Pratt, he says his 10-year-old son Jack -- whom he shares with ex-wife Anna Faris -- was excited, but specifically because he's "a Luigi fan."

"Like he plays Smash Brothers and he's like, 'Dad, I own at Smash, I own everybody at Smash. And I'm Luigi. I think Luigi is a better player,'" Pratt said, laughing. "So he's always kind of leaning against the characters that I play!"

For both stars, getting to play the iconic plumbers-turned-kingdom savers is a childhood dream come true, and hits the nostalgia button in their hearts, unlike any role they've taken on before.

"I spent hundreds of hours, literally, that's not hyperbole, maybe thousands of hours, playing Super Mario Bros. and playing Nintendo as a kid," Pratt said. "So it taps that nostalgic vein, in everyone."

The Super Mario Bros. Movie jumps into theaters Apr. 5.