Chris Sullivan and Wife Rachel Expecting Baby No. 2!

Rachel Reichard and Chris Sullivan at the 71st Emmy Awards

The 'This Is Us' star shared the exciting news on Thursday.

Chris Sullivan is gearing up to start a brand new chapter in his life with the conclusion of This Is Us, and the actor revealed on Thursday that he and his wife are soon going to have their hands full.

Sullivan took to Instagram to share a sweet video in which he reveals that he and wife Rachel Reichard are expecting their second child.

In the video, the couple's adorable son, Bear Maxwell -- whom the pair welcomed in July 2020 -- adorably walks across their back yard, holding something in his hand and rocking a shirt that has the words "only child" crossed out, above the words "big brother."

As Bear gets to his dad, who is filming his adorable trek across the grass, he hands his dad the paper in his hand -- which turns out to be a sonogram. The clip ends with some celebratory purple and white text that reads, "Its a... girl!"

"We have wrapped my final scenes for #thisisus. What an incredible 6 years these have been," Sullivan captioned the video. "With every end, there is a new here is a trailer of what's to come. ⁣Watch til the end!"

Sullivan spoke with ET just days after becoming a new dad back in 2020 -- a few months after lockdowns were enacted -- and he shared that he and his wife have "gotten into a pretty good rhythm of getting each other to sleep and rest. And then we've got a little bit of help here at home...I'm still running on mostly adrenaline. Adrenaline and pure joy."

Sullivan added that, "in a lot of ways," quarantine was the "perfect time" for them to have a baby.

"We've been at home for the last four months and we've had a lot of time together," he noted, explaining that while he and his wife have been married for 10 years, "in the last four months, we've gotten to know each other in ways that are deeper and more connected than ever."

Congrats to the happy couple!