Chrisean Rock Arrested, Infant Son Taken Away as His Father Blueface Serves Prison Sentence

Chrisean Rock and Blueface

Chrisean Rock was taken into custody on Monday and booked into Los Angeles County Jail.

ET has confirmed that rapper Chrisean Rock was arrested on Monday just after 1 p.m. in the San Fernando Valley.

The 24-year-old and mother of rapper Blueface's 9-month-old son was handcuffed and then taken into custody. She remains behind bars. Photos obtained by TMZ show Chrisean handcuffed and being escorted by police. The outlet reports Chrisean was with her and Blueface's infant son, Chrisean Malone Jr., when officers from the Los Angeles Police Department arrested her at a San Fernando Valley courthouse. She was there to attend Blueface's court hearing stemming from his involvement in an October 2022 shooting in Las Vegas that left one man injured.

After police slapped the handcuffs on Chrisean, a source told TMZ that her baby was taken away from her. No word yet on who now has custody of their son. Blueface's ex, Jaidyn Alexis -- and the mother of his first son, Javaughn J. Porter -- was also at the hearing, though she wasn't there with Chrisean.

As for what led to the arrest, it's being reported that Chrisean is a wanted fugitive in Oklahoma, where a warrant is out for her arrest on a number of charges, including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. The charges are two years old.

Rapper Blueface and his son, Javaughn J. Porter, at a Los Angeles Clippers game on Dec. 11, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. - Getty

Chrisean, who famously tattooed Blueface's face on the right side of her face in January, previously shared during an Instagram Live session that she had no plans on turning herself in in hopes that her legal troubles would soon be resolved. She also said she wanted to spend time with her newborn son, whom she welcomed in September. 

"My warrants are getting cleaned up. I've been paying off fees and getting rid of s**t, talking to some people to help my situation out 'cause, you know, I have my son," she said during her IG Live session. "So, the old me would have just turned myself in ... right now I don't plan on being in jail while my son is growing. I just don't plan on that, at all. I'm doing every way possible to get that figured out without even trying to serve time. And it's working out for me. So, I'ma work on my little situation."