Chrishell Stause Responds to Critics Who 'Get Annoyed By My Personality'

Chrishell Stause
Amy Sussman/WireImage

The 'Selling Sunset' star took to Twitter to address some criticism.

Chrishell Stause has a message for her critics -- she hears what they're saying and she kind of gets it.

The Selling Sunset star took to Twitter on Saturday to get real about her on-screen personality and how she sometimes has a hard time watching herself because of it.

"When people watch #sellingsunset & get annoyed by my personality. Honestly, same," Stause wrote, along with a cringe and facepalm emoji. "I think years of auditioning clicks a weird part of my brain when speaking to camera to be 'ON' and I am working on it. Lol."

"But girl just relax. By the time we’re cancelled I’ll get it," she jokingly added.

The TV personality was inundated with support and kind messages from fans who responded to share their appreciation for her on-screen persona.

"I can’t imagine watching myself on TV, much less getting feedback Face with spiral eyes from other people judging me. We are hardcore Team Chrishell in this household!" one fan wrote. "Thanks for bringing some joy and levity into a very difficult couple of years for this healthcare worker. Keep being YOU"

Stause responded, "Thank youuuu for everything you are doing! I can’t imagine the strain obviously physically but especially mentally. Love that the show could be a little escape. Thank you lovely"

Amid the feedback, Stause expressed her appreciation but explained, "I wasn’t meaning to make people feel like I need defending. Was just laughing at how annoyed I get at myself when watching so I get it. That’s all"

Later, one fan responded with a message about how Stause has actually impacted her life, sharing, "You’re the reason I knew I want to get into real estate. I’m in college right now, and working hard,  and then I’m going after my realtors license and then final end goal is brokers license... Thank you for showing me what I wanna do. Thank you for showing me I can do what I set my mind to. Don’t ever self doubt yourself because you’ve helped a lot of people, myself included. So, thank you Chrishell for being such an amazing person."

"I am not sure what to say to this. It absolutely made me smile more than I can say," Stause replied. "I didn’t even mean for this tweet to get serious, but this means a lot! Rooting for you always, and I KNOW you have SO much ahead of yourself to be proud of! This is just the beginning!"

Stause hasn't been shy when it comes to responding to criticism in the past. Last month, the real-estate agent and TV personality took to Instagram to share her response to a troll who her sent her a scathing DM, accusing her of only gaining fame because of her romantic relationships.

"It would seem I am not the miserable one here," Stause replied in her post. "When you are an agent on TV you end up getting so much business you have to refer it out to others Bc there is only so much time in a day," Stause wrote. "The days of getting more listings because of rank in the office are long gone. "But please take a breathe [sic] and have a great day! Thanks for watching!!!!"

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