Chrishell Stause Tells 'Selling Sunset' Blind Date He Was 'Rude' and to Stop Tagging Her in Posts

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Chrishell Stause is setting the record straight about her awkward Selling Sunset blind date, this after the man she was set up with attempted to do exactly the same.

The 40-year-old luxury real estate agent took issue with how Robert Drenk framed the blind date in a lengthy caption, and subsequent comments, he posted Wednesday on his Instagram account. According to Drenk, he wanted to explain "What really went down” during the season 4, episode 7 of the hit Netflix show.

By all accounts, the so-called date on a yacht with the rest of the crew turned cringeworthy after Drenk awkwardly picked up Stause, who was dancing with her castmates, and carried her back to where he was sitting. He later asked her, "You wanna dance or get to know me?" Stause said she wanted to dance, prompting Drenk to say, "OK, I'll let you dance." When Stause got up again to rejoin the girls, Drenk didn't slide down or get up off his seat to let Stause scoot out.

Drenk said he was set up "on a blind date back in June that was filmed for Selling Sunset season 4." He added, "My friends @therealtarekelmoussa and @heatherraeyoung had spoke with @chrishell.stause and she was interested in going on a date. I guess Selling Sunset film crew overheard and wanted it for the show." For good measure, Drenk tagged Stause in the post, and she took issue with that as well, confronting Drenk with her own lengthy comment.

She opened her comment by telling Drenk to "stop tagging me in things."

"I would have understood if you were nervous and acted differently because of that," added Stause, who is now dating co-star Jason Oppenheim. "I originally enjoyed meeting you until I started to see things I didn't vibe with. But picking me up & then not getting up to let me out was not great."

She added, "Then you were also very rude to me when I went to say that it was nice to meet you & say goodbye. I wish you all the best and it sucks this all went so downhill. But tagging me in multiple posts on multiple platforms to trying to defend behavior that isn't defendable isn't it." She underscored her feelings by closing her comment by writing, "I was single. You were rude. It wasn't a match. Let's all move on please."

For his part, Drenk said he was "defending [his] position" after trying to make it seem like he was giving off bad vibes. 

But just one day prior, Drenk took to Twitter and accused Stause of secretly dating Oppenheim during the yacht episode. Stause responded, "Oh hi Robert! Jason was not my boyfriend here. In fact that step came much later. But if thinking that makes you feel better about your behavior, I get it."

She also implored Drenk to "take the L(oss)" and move on.

One thing Stause has certainly done is move on from this mess. A rep for Oppenheim confirmed to ET back in July the couple was dating. Stause also told ET that her relationship with her co-star/boss had no shot at being the real thing if they hadn't started out as friends, which Stause said is a first for her when it comes to relationships.

"I've never had a situation happen before where I became best friends with someone first," she said. "It's just been so kind of freeing. My complete whole self -- good, bad, indifferent. Whatever. It's the best way to do it. We knew everything about each other. We worked so well together, and we have so much respect for each other. That's a really good formula to start a relationship." 


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