Chrissy Teigen, Anne Hathaway & More Sound Off on Immigrant Children Being Separated From Parents at US Border

Hollywood stars are speaking out on the controversial border policy that has resulted in about 2,000 children being separated from their parents.

Celebrities are continuing to speak out on President Donald Trump's controversial, "zero tolerance" immigration policy that has resulted in about 2,000 children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border during a six-week period in April and May.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, who recently donated $288,000 to the ACLU, were two of the first Hollywood stars to express their outrage, penning a letter they shared via Instagram on the president's birthday last week.

"John and I are outraged to see and hear the horror stories of immigrant families seeking asylum and refuge in American being ripped apart due to the inhumane policies of the Trump administration," the mother of two wrote. "These actions are cruel, anti-family and go against everything we believe this country should represent."

Teigen also posted a heartbreaking image via Twitter of a 2-year-old girl crying as she was taken from her mother by U.S. border agents, which was recently published on the cover of The Daily News. "This little girl is the same age as my daughter," she shared. "Luna is the happiest thing. the funniest girl. and she is absolutely terrified to look around and realize she is too far away from us, even for seconds. the fear she would feel here fills me with rage and sadness."

Sara Bareilles also was "appalled," tweeting her thoughts on the "beyond inhumane" policy.

"I am so sad and feel so helpless about the families being separated," she said. "I am grateful for those sharing how to engage and help, thank God for you. The idea that there is anyone who believes this is justice is simply heartbreaking."

On Father's Day, Anne Hathaway dedicated an Instagram post to her dad, whom she says grew up in poverty and taught her to "use [her] brain" and make the world a better place. "My Dad and I -- not to mention my entire family -- are disgusted and rocked to our core by the current administration’s shocking decision to separate asylum seeking immigrant families, the consequence of which is creating orphans with living parents."

"In appreciation of my father, and in honor of all the fathers torn from their children because of this brutal policy, I am making a donation to @americansforimmigrantjustice in my father’s name," she added. "I invite you to join me and make a donation of any size in your father’s name."

Sophia Bush also encouraged her followers to take action, tweeting, "CALL YOUR SENATORS."

"Regardless of party or opinions, certain things need to be non-negotiable to all humans," she wrote. "A non-negotiable? We do NOT rip BABIES from their mothers' arms to put numbers on their chests like the Nazis did during the Holocaust, & then throw them in cages. NO."

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted three easy steps to help out. "1) Call your reps at (202) 224-3121- tell them to END the separation of families at the border (ask your Senators to pass the Keep Families Together Act and your House Rep to pass the HELP Separated Children Act). 2) Donate to to protect vulnerable children at our border. 3) Use this frame on Facebook with a photo of you and your kids to show that you will not stand for families being ripped apart."

"This Father's Day, I hope that our President and his minions remember that children should be with their parents, not in detention centers," he added in another tweet.

Others, like Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, simply shared a link to the Save the Children Action Network website, encouraging people to "tell Congress that families belong together."

"SIGN ON to tell President Trump, Secretary Nielsen and Attorney General Sessions to reverse their administrative policy of intentional family separation now and to stop human rights abuses," he continued. "#FamiliesBelongTogether."

Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda shared a similar tweet, with a link to, a coalition led by @WomenBelong to put an end to "the cruel and unjustified separation."

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