Chrissy Teigen Goes on Hilarious Hunt for Brown Bananas on Twitter, Gets Them From Fans All Over Town: Pics!

Chrissy Teigen makes banana bread
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Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter was bananas on Thursday… literally! The 31-year-old supermodel and cookbook author was craving some banana bread when she ran into a big problem. She couldn’t find any brown, over-ripe bananas to make the perfect loaf.

Naturally, John Legend’s wife reached out to her more than 7.5 million Twitter followers for help and some local Los Angeles fans quickly came to her aid. 

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“If u have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area, I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John's underwear and a Becca palette,” Teigen quipped.

Declaring she wanted “SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY,” Teigen retweeted one fan who only had five available bananas. Eventually Teigen sent over her “assistant,” who turned out to be her adorable mom, Vilailuck, for the pick-up. 

“The deal has been done. thank you, @bymeg!!!!” Teigen captioned two photos of the fan handing her mom the bananas.

Vilailuck also posed with the bananas back at Teigen’s house when fans noticed something hilarious in the background of her photos – her French bulldog Pippa in a full costume. 

“Yes my dog is a bellhop and no I have no reasoning,” she wrote.

Things got particularly dicey when Teigen realized she needed just one more banana to complete the recipe. She found another fan with two more to spare and he also posed with Vilailuck after the drop off. 

“This is no longer my banana bread. this is *our* banana bread,” the supermodel tweeted.

Finally, many tweets, two pick-ups, and one spray tan later, Teigen was thrilled to unveil the finished product. 

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“My banana bread, she is beautiful,” Teigen said in one clip. “Look how pretty! Look how moist!”

All’s well that ends in homebaked goods and a dog in a bellhop costume!

For more from Teigen, watch the clip below!