Chrissy Teigen Hospitalized Amid Pregnancy Struggles, Posts Pic of a Blood Transfusion Pamphlet

The model said she's at a 'really dangerous' stage in her pregnancy.

Chrissy Teigen's pregnancy is getting more challenging. The 34-year-old model and cookbook author took to Instagram to alert fans that she spent the day and evening on Sunday in the hospital after weeks of mandatory bed rest. 

Her latest update came on Monday when she posted a photo to her Instagram Story of a blood transfusion pamphlet along with a concerned gif. 

The post came hours after the mother of two shared that she's halfway through her pregnancy with her third child, and reiterated that she's been on bed rest due to excessive bleeding from her placenta.


"Today the big difference was it kind of was just like if you were to turn a facet on to low and leave it there," she said of the bleeding. "It's so weird because I feel really good. I'm usually at my happiest pregnant, mood-wise. That way I feel happier than I do not pregnant. That's why it's so, so hard for me to come to terms with." 

Teigen went on to gush about her future baby boy, sharing, "The baby is so healthy, growing stronger than Luna or Miles. He moves a lot. He's moved so much earlier than they ever did. He's like a rollie pollie. We have like a million great pictures of him. He's just so different than they were. So he's so strong and I'm just so excited for him because he's so wonderful and just the strongest little dude, so I can't wait for him."

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Story

She went on to share that despite the baby's strength, he isn't out of the woods just yet. 

"Basically he's the strongest, coolest dude in the s**ttiest house. His house is just falling apart," Teigen said. "It didn't have a good foundation to begin with, though. He didn't have the strongest chance at the very, very beginning."

In terms of interventions or trying anything to help, the chef said that they aren't in a position to do anything without potentially endangering the baby boy. 

"It's just hard because there's not much you can do. I'm in that weird in-between time of it being really dangerous to try anything," she said. "Basically if I can make it through the next few weeks, if little boy can make it through the next few weeks, then, you know, we can go from there and be able to kind of get through the danger zone or whatever. But we have to get through this first. So yeah, it is scary. But it's scary in the way that there's just really nothing to do."

She also asked fans who were medical professionals to stop offering their advice. 

"The most unhelpful thing is when I get suggestions from medical Twitter and Instagram... because all it does is make me feel really anxious and nervous and like I did something wrong," Teigen said. "If you are a doctor, I cannot express enough how badly I would like for you to stop your guessing games or Twitter pleas to figure out what I'm doing wrong or diagnosing me via Twitter. I've seen it all. You have to trust me that I have very good doctors who know what they're doing, who know the entire story." 

She went on to share a message to her future son, saying, "Anyhow, little dude. I want to show you all these when you come out, little butthead. I love you. Mommy loves you so, so much, you butt. I love you."

Teigen's husband, John Legend, stayed in the hospital room with her, even making her a sandwich, which she was documenting on her Instagram Story. The couple share 4-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles. Teigen previously revealed that her complicated pregnancy has forced her to cancel and postpone work commitments

For more on Teigen's pregnancy, watch the clip below.