Christina Ricci Says Her Son Freddie Watches 'Addams Family' On Repeat (Exclusive)

The 'Yellowjackets' star tells ET that her 8-year-old son, Freddie, is already impressed with her acting catalog.

Christina Ricci's son, Freddie, is already impressed with her acting catalog. Over the weekend, ET spoke with the Yellowjackets star, who revealed the movies and shows her 8-year-old loves.

"He's eight so I think his favorite thing is Wednesday," Ricci told ET's Deidre Behar of the Netflix series. "He loves Yellowjackets too, but he was so excited about Wednesday. I think he watched the whole series twice."

In Wednesday, Ricci's son had a chance to see Jenna Ortega play the character of Wednesday Addams, which Ricci portrayed in the Addams Family movies. Now in the Netflix show, Ricci plays the sinister teacher Ms. Marilyn Thornhill. 

Freddie has also watched his mother portray Wednesday Addams and Wendy in Casper. Ricci shared he likes one role more than the other. 

"He's already seen Casper," she shared. "...He loves The Addams Family movies. We've watched them over and over again as though I was not his mother."

Ricci mused, "He's very good at apparently separating me from my characters, so great."

As for her role in Yellowjackets as adult Misty -- one of the survivors of the Yellowjackets soccer team who has both questionable and quirky characteristics -- Ricci told ET that Freddie has watched the Showtime series.

"He loves it," Ricci shared. "He thinks it's so fun. He thinks it's fun to see it all 'cause he knows all of us now. So to see all of us acting crazy, he thinks it's hilarious."

"He knows season 2 is out. He saw episode one," she added. "He was with me when we were filming the last week up there and they screened it for the whole cast. So he came and we put like a hat over his head and we had things to put over his ears for the things he shouldn't see. And all the all the ladies helped me shield him from that moment."

And just like many other fans of the show, Freddie has questions, though Ricci told ET that he doesn't always get the answers.

"He's got a lot of questions about where Javi is," she shared. Javi Martinez, played by Luciano Leroux, was the younger brother of Travis, one of the people who went missing last season on Yellowjackets.

Ricci -- who also shares 1-year-old daughter Cleoptra with husband Mark Hampton -- revealed that Freddie had the chance to experience another one of his favorite franchises during a trip to Disneyland: Star Wars

"It was super fun we had a really nice time. They were really great to us at Disney and he loves it there," Ricci told ET. "And his little friend, Ryker, came with us, and loved it. And they love Star Wars and all that stuff so it was really great."

While Freddie is keeping Ricci on her toes about her characters, her husband makes sure she is right for the red carpet. Ricci, who has been married to the hairstylist since 2021, shared what it's like having Hampton around for glam.

"It is fun," she said there for support but touch-ups. "It does make it a lot easier. He's like all the sweetness and he lightens me up and it's all good."

New episodes of Yellowjackets season 2 stream on the Showtime app on Fridays, and air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.