Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood Dish on Their 'Yellowjackets' Reunion, Tease 'Wisty' Romance (Exclusive)

The two actors are sharing the screen once again after first appearing in 1997's 'The Ice Storm.'

Among the many new faces joining Yellowjackets when the Emmy-nominated drama returns with season 2 is Elijah Wood. The 42-year-old actor will play a citizen detective named Walter during a season-long guest arc on the series. 

According to Showtime, he is expected to challenge Christina Ricci's character, Misty, one of the grownup survivors trying to figure out who is threatening to expose the secrets of what went on when she and her soccer team were stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash 25 years prior. 

"A lot of my scenes this season have been with Elijah Wood and it's wonderful working with him again," Ricci previously told ET about reuniting with the actor, whom she previously shared the screen with in the 1997 film, The Ice Storm

Ahead of the series' return on Sunday, March 26, the reunited co-stars opened up about working together again and teased what's in store for their characters, including a possible on-screen romance for the duo we're dubbing "Wisty." 

Looking back on The Ice Storm, Ricci admits to ET's Deidre Behar, "We weren't really adults at that time. It's not like we had any on-set rapport like you do as an adult. We were a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl, you know." That said, "I thought he was so nice and easily to work with,"

"As an adult, getting to work with him, we really developed a nice rapport," Ricci says of their dynamic now. "He's so fun and so smart and so talented. He's also just really kind and empathetic and great as Walter… So, really it was a joy to get to work with him." 


"It was a blast," Wood says of working with Ricci. "She is like a finely tuned machine of an actress. Truly, she's so exceptional. So, it was like every time we'd get to work together, she made my job easy and fun." 

A fan of the series, the actor reveals that he was asked to join season 2. "So, that was a total joy for me," he says. "To get to join that world that they've created and play in that sandbox was just an amazing thing for me."  

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ricci said that Walter will also serve as a love interest for Misty, which is something that caught her by surprise while filming season 2. "Whether the characters do become romantically involved or not is something to be discovered as people watch this," she said at the time.

When asked about it again, Ricci was coy. "You'd have to ask the writers. I have absolutely no idea," she says now, before adding, "I mean, I love Elijah. I love the character of Walter… It's such a fun dynamic and I'm really curious to see where it goes." 

"The journey that we're on in this particular season is really funny. The show's dark and gnarly and a lot of what we got to do together was kind of like the comic relief," Wood adds.

In the meantime, their co-stars have nothing but praise for the two. "[Christina] and Elijah are both so professional," Melanie Lysnkey shares. "There were a couple of days where I had scenes after they had been shooting and my call time always got moved up. It was always like, 'We're running early if we're shooting with Christina and Elijah.'" 

Yellowjackets season 2 premieres Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime, with the first episode also available to stream starting Friday, March 24 on the Showtime app.