Chucky Is Back in Frightening First Trailer for 'Child's Play' -- Watch!

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Everyone's favorite evil doll has returned!

On Thursday, the first full trailer was released for Child's Play, teasing a chilling reimagining of the 1988 horror classic.

In the film, a mom named Karen (Aubrey Plaza) picks up a toy doll named Buddi for her son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman). However, neither has any idea how insidious this purchase turns out to be. 

Although the clip features very little of the chilling toy at the heart of the film, it's teased that the doll is able to help households manage all home devices, like a smart home hub. Naturally, this means that Chucky's ways of attacking his victims get far more complicated in this tech-savvy reboot.

Not only is the evil toy stalking Andy and his friends with a kitchen knife, but this time around he also utilizes drones, cars, lawn equipment and even thermostats to strike fear into the hearts of the unsuspecting. The trailer is infused with a chilling remix of Harry Nilsson's track, "Best Friend."

'Child's Play'
Orion Pictures

Once Chucky is finally shown in the end, he bears many of the hallmarks of the classic character: rosy cheeks, red hair and an eerie sneer.

Meanwhile, Star Wars legend Mark Hamill has been enlisted to provide the voice of the evil doll, which he teased recently on Twitter.

"I can't wait to bring such an iconic character to life," Hamill stated while discussing the movie in a clip. "And present him in a way that you've never seen him before. Child's Play, this summer. We're gonna have some fun. And remember…he's more than just a toy. He's your best friend."

There will also be a "completely different origin" story this time around. In the original film, a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) performs an evil incantation, which allows his soul to live in the harmless doll, leading to endless mayhem.

This is the seventh film in the franchise's long-running history. The upcoming film's creators are also putting together a TV series, Chucky, centered on the evil toy, once again voiced by Dourif.

Take a peek at the full trailer up above.

Child's Play creeps into theaters on June 21.


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