Ciara Gets Emotional While Sharing the Special Meaning Behind Son Win's Name (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the singer, who said she is 'doing amazing,' a couple weeks after she gave birth.

Ciara is sharing the sweet meaning of her and husband Russell Wilson's newborn son's name. ET exclusively spoke with the singer on Monday, just over two weeks after she gave birth to her third child, Win Harrison Wilson. This is her second child with Wilson. The two share 3-year-old daughter Sienna, and Ciara is also mom to 6-year-old son Future with her rapper ex of the same name.

During the chat, filmed over Zoom, Ciara, 34, opened up about how she and Russell, 31, landed on Win's cute moniker.

"That is Daddy. I give credit to Dad. Oh my gosh, I'm gonna get emotional," Ciara told ET's Nischelle Turner. "The hormones, I will tell every pregnant mom, they're real, OK? They don't stop. Even when you have the baby, and you're just fresh out, it happens. But they're good tears, praise the Lord."

"Russell would always be like, 'Here's Win shortstop,' he like, plays a whole thing out. And then obviously, Harrison, it was his dad's first name, which is really sweet and precious," she continued. "There was a lot of love and thought put into it. Russ, we would talk about names, and Russ kind of always had this name Win in the rotation, years ago, before we knew we were having a girl. He had all the good names and Win won. So Win is the name and he's so cute, he's so precious."

Just moments after Win's arrival, Ciara, wearing a mask and holding her newborn in the hospital bed, adorably sang "Happy Birthday." The sweet moment was documented and later shared to Ciara's Instagram.

"My doc, Dr. Katz, who's delivered all my babies, he's like, 'You guys should sing 'Happy Birthday,''" Ciara recalled to ET. "I actually sang it to Sienna too. But I was so fried, I mean, the craziest thing is that I literally pushed Win out in like eight minutes. So that was, like, fastest [delivery] I've ever experienced. It was really smooth, thank God."

"But singing 'Happy Birthday' to him was really sweet," she added. "It was a great joy to be able to do it, to have enough energy to get through it and sing it. It was really sweet."

Now, weeks later, Ciara is "doing amazing" and "feeling really good." Even amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ciara and her family are finding joy in the little things, along with new ways to "Level Up" (like her 2019 hit song).

"I'm having the best days. I keep saying, I've been saying this for a little while, God has been good. But I'm having some of the best days of my life," she gushed. "It's really fun."

"I think about things, and for me, I'm like, 'OK, what does this time mean for me? Like, three kids means I gotta turn the hotness up, that's how I feel," she continued. "I've got three kids and we about to level up some more! I'm about to go in, that's my mentality. That's how I'm approaching it right now. It's crazy, because I haven't taken a day off."

And Ciara knows she's not alone in feeling like she has to "do it all" for her family. "Listen, I'm gonna tell all my mommas out there, you've got this," she shared. "You are built for everything that you're going through, and God made us uniquely strong. He gave us this gift to where we can do it all."

In addition to now being a mom of three, Ciara has also been gearing up for the release of her new song and video for "Rooted" this week, which ET exclusively previewed on Wednesday. Proceeds from the song will go to support Grantmakers for Girls of Color, a leading philanthropic organization dedicated to cultivating investments in support of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and Pacific American girls in the United States.

"I've been trying to figure out the best way to express myself during this time. It's a very crucial time within the world, within the Black community, and for me, as an artist with a platform, I'm like, 'How can I find my voice in this?'" Ciara said, of how the song and video came to be. "So when my friend Ester Dean played me this song, I thought, 'This is one of those perfect pieces to my puzzle of how I'm gonna express myself, and I want to express myself.' I've always said music is one of the most powerful forces on Earth, and it's a blessing to be able to do it."

"For me, this song allowed me to celebrate the Black joy. It allowed me also to celebrate our uniqueness, our strength, everything that we need to survive and thrive is rooted in us," she continued. "You're never limited by your gender or the color of your skin. That's how I live my life, and so it's important to me to continue to express that. And to continue to encourage not just my fans, but particularly our community, the Black community [to do the same]."

Ciara said the song gave her "all the good feels," the ones she felt were perfect to put out into the universe right now.

"And then obviously being in quarantine, I've never done a video this way before," she said. "I've never had to create under these circumstances, and then plus being pregnant, I was really committed to making this visual come to life."

"It's funny because I shot the video in two parts. I shot one part two weeks out from delivery, and then another part two days out from delivery -- and that part was a dancing part. So, it was an incredible challenge doing that as well," she continued. "I just felt like it was something deeper for me with this record; the meaning of the song, knowing where I was in my life, carrying a child, getting ready to bring a new seed to life. Everything that we need is rooted in us, and I really believe that. So I just felt empowered through it all."

Back in May, Ciara also spoke to ET about the struggles of being pregnant during a pandemic.

"When I got the news that Russ and I could not to do our ultrasound together and he had to literally wait in the car, and we FaceTimed in the car and I was in the doctor’s office, that was, like, a really significant moment, I think, in all of this that really marked the time of where I am in my life as a pregnant woman," she said at the time. "I could not help but think about everything else."

"And you start hearing these stories about moms not being able to give birth with their partner. They stopped that immediately, to my understanding, but the amount of people that come to the hospital during the birth has been limited," she continued. "So Russ is going to be not only dad but the videographer and the photographer. He is going to be everything online. But, you know, we are figuring it all out and I'm just really big on trying to find positivity in the mix of a moment that could be negative or feel heavy. I am always trying to find a way to get to that, so I have not been worried as much as I probably could have."

Hear more in the video below.