Ciara Gushes Over Russell Wilson Amid Eye-Popping NFL Contract Extension: 'What a Beautiful Day'

Russell Wilson and Ciara
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

The whole family stepped out to support the Denver Broncos QB, who reportedly signed a new deal worth $245 million.

It was a beautiful day for the Wilson family on Thursday! Russell Wilson and Ciara were all smiles along with their kids -- Future, 8, Sienna, 5, and Win, 2 -- as the NFL star signed a five-year extension contract with the Denver Broncos.

Wilson shared a slideshow of photos from the momentous meeting, including a smiling snap from a conference room and a proud dad shot, as his stepson, Future, hops on a microphone while Wilson plays paparazzi on his phone. 

According to a report from ESPN, the deal marked the third-most lucrative contract in NFL history in terms of guaranteed money. Sources told the outlet that Wilson signed on for a five-year extension with the team through 2028 worth $245 million -- with $165 million in guaranteed money.

Ciara wasted no time singing her husband's praises on social media, taking to her Instagram story to gush, "Proud of you baby! What a beautiful day!" On another slide, she added, "We love you so much!! Go baby!"

Ciara / Instagram
Ciara / Instagram

On his post, Wilson wrote, "There’s No Body like You God! There will NEVER be!" 

Earlier this summer, Wilson used his platform to advocate for more support of women's sports and noted that his young daughter is "a premier athlete already."

"I think women's sports is amazing," the quarterback told ESPN during their pre-show coverage of the ESPY Awards. 

"I think what's so great is how the NBA is supporting the WNBA, how football players are supporting women's soccer, or whatever it may be. We're all supporting each other. I think that's what it's about," he said. "It's such a difficult thing to be a world-class athlete. People don't know how much time and energy you put into it and how much thought, how many tears too, at times, how much pain you go through. It's a blessing."

To spread the word of that blessing, even more, Russell proposed a "women's day," where "strictly women's sports" would be shown on TV.

"Every Wednesday should be women's sports and you get to watch it and that's what's on TV," he proposed. "Those are my crazy ideas. I think it'd be cool."