Russell Wilson and Ciara Mark 'Day 1' in Denver at Children's Hospital After Wilson's Trade to the Broncos

Wilson played for the Seattle Seahawks before being traded earlier this month.

Ciara and Russell Wilson are celebrating their new home in the way most befitting for the couple: spending time spreading some joy. On Tuesday, the duo made a visit to the Children's Hospital Colorado, where they stopped by the onsite Seacrest Studios to sign autographs, take questions from the crowd and read their new book, Why Not You?

Both Ciara and Wilson posted a video of their visit to their Instagram pages, showing the couple meeting patients and speaking at Seacrest Studios. 

"Truly a special day @DangeRussWilson and I will never forget. Our 1st Tuesday Tradition Hospital visit with the children and families of @childrenscolo in Denver," Ciara wrote alongside the video. "Our hearts were filled with love and inspiration. Truly grateful! #WhyNotYou #BroncosCountry 🧡"

"Day 1 in Denver! Inspired by the courage these amazing kids have," Wilson captioned his post. "@Ciara & I had a blast today! @ChildrensColo 🧡💙 Broncos Country… #LetsRide"

"We're super excited to be here, you know, I think that we've had some amazing experiences along the way and I think the amazing part of it is that it's about the families, it's about the loved ones, it's about the people that surround them and the belief that there are better days," Wilson says in the video. "It's about the nurses and the doctors; it's a beautiful team effort."

"That's what life is all about," he adds. "It's about winning championships and all that, but it's also about being able to impact places and communities and now we're forever connected here... As I like to say, for Broncos Country, let's ride!"

Last Tuesday, it was announced that the Seattle Seahawks agreed to trade Wilson to the Denver Broncos. CBS Sports' NFL insider Jason La Canfora confirmed that the decision came after what is being reported as weeks of negotiations between the two sides. The news lands immediately following Aaron Rodgers' decision to remain with the Green Bay Packers on a record-setting deal, and it's not a stretch to assume the Broncos may have pulled the trigger on Wilson after hearing of Rodgers' recommitment to the Packers.

The deal closes the chapter on a tumultuous past year for the Seahawks, one that saw Wilson perturbed at his lack of involvement in team-building, leading to an alleged trade request that was fueled largely by his agent's proclamation of four NFL teams Wilson would be willing to waive his no-trade clause to become a part of -- the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears or New Orleans Saints. The Bears went hard at attempting to land Wilson last offseason but were given the cold shoulder by the Seahawks en route to using a first-round pick on Justin Fields, and the Cowboys answered the rumors by awarding Dak Prescott a record-setting contract.

One year later, the Seahawks also reportedly gave the Washington Commanders a hard "no" (and potentially it was Wilson who did so) despite an offer of multiple first-round picks, and the Broncos were the winner of the two-year long sweepstakes. 

Ciara and Wilson have been hard at work on promoting their children's book before the move was announced. Why Not You? is described as an inspirational and lyrical read that encourages kids to shoot for the stars and see themselves achieving their dreams, no matter how outrageous they may seem.

The phrase is an important one for the couple; they explained to ET earlier this month that it was a "fundamental question" often asked by their parents. 

"I think we subconsciously, or consciously, all ask ourselves [that] throughout life," Wilson said. "It doesn't matter your age, it's the question that we have to ask ourselves daily. And, so far for us, that's been an amazing journey. And we really believe in that, it's been awesome to be able to do this together."

The couple -- who share daughter Sienna, 4, son Win, 1, and Ciara's 7-year-old son, Future, from a previous relationship -- add that their children are a big reason for them wanting to write the book. 

"The cool thing is that our kids get to be inspired and see references and examples of them in this book," Ciara noted. "[They] are so excited, it was so sweet. It kind of touches you, because we are so proud of our kids and they're proud of it too, which is really awesome, so just a really special moment when they saw the book for the first time."

And speaking of their kids, despite Wilson's best efforts, when it comes to adding another one to the family, Ciara shared that she wants to "do a couple more hot videos first" and "enjoy the flat tummy while I got it" before having any more kids. 

"I look forward to the next baby when the time is right but in the meantime, [Why Not You?] is our fourth baby," she shared.

Ciara and Wilson's illustrated children's book, Why Not You?, is available now.