Ciara and Russell Wilson on Their New Children's Book and Possibly Having More Kids (Exclusive)

The couple shares details on their new children's book, 'Why Not You?'

Ciara and Russell Wilson may have a full house and busy, successful careers, but they're ready to add more to their plate -- as authors. The superstar couple sat down with ET's Nischelle Turner to share details about their children's book, Why Not You?, an inspirational and lyrical read that encourages kids to shoot for the stars and see themselves achieving their dreams, no matter how outrageous they may seem.

Russell explains that when he first met Ciara, the two had an intense discussion about what they wanted to achieve in life. "She asked me a bunch of questions and one of the things that we talked about is [our dreams]. We talked about building a school, Why Not You Academy. We talked about a foundation and doing something that's long-lasting, that can forever be impactful, even past the days we're gone," he adds. 

The phrase is an important one for the couple; they explain that it was a "fundamental question" often asked by their parents. 

"I think we subconsciously, or consciously, all ask ourselves [that] throughout life," Russell says. "It doesn't matter your age, it's the question that we have to ask ourselves daily. And, so far for us, that's been an amazing journey. And we really believe in that, it's been awesome to be able to do this together."

The couple -- who share daughter Sienna, 4, son Win, 1, and Ciara's 7-year-old son, Future, from a previous relationship -- add that their children are a big reason for them wanting to write the book. 

"The cool thing is that our kids get to be inspired and see references and examples of them in this book," Ciara notes. "[They] are so excited, it was so sweet. It kind of touches you, because we are so proud of our kids and they're proud of it too, which is really awesome, so just a really special moment when they saw the book for the first time."

Russell added that although the characters gracing the book's cover are "Mini Russ and Mini C," the pair also see their children as the main characters. "The reality for us is that we want to be able to create a lasting legacy that is about inspiration, about dreaming and having that kind of mentality, and this book is just the beginning of it."

And speaking of their kids, when it comes to adding another Wilson to the family, Ciara shares that she wants to "do a couple more hot videos first" and "enjoy the flat tummy while I got it" before having any more kids. Although, we can all admit that watching her show off her moves with her pregnant belly is always impressive. 

"I look forward to the next baby when the time is right but in the meantime, [Why Not You?] is our fourth baby," she adds.

Ciara and Russell's illustrated children's book, Why Not You?, is available now.