Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Cozy Up by the Pool Amid Florida Reunion

Are the 'Bachelorette' exes back together?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss appear to be giving their romance another go. The former Bachelorette couple was spotted cozying up by the pool at their hotel in Florida on Sunday. 

Clare and Dale reunited in Venice, Florida, last week, about a month after Dale announced their split on Jan. 19. Neither Clare nor Dale confirmed they were together, but they posted similar photos to their Instagram Stories, and Clare's voice could be heard in the background of Dale's videos. 

Then, on Sunday, the two were spotted packing on the PDA by the pool. Photos reposted by Bachelorette Windmill on Instagram show Clare and Dale holding hands, and Clare leaning into Dale's shirtless chest. 


Clare also posted a photo of Instagram with Dale's foot in the background. "Collecting memories," she wrote. 

According to a source, Clare was having a rough time in California and, after not speaking to Dale for a couple of weeks, she reached out to him and he invited her to come to Florida, where he is living temporarily.

"They both still care about each other and they both missed each other," the source says, adding that neither of them was happy things ended on such a sour note.

"They’ve reunited and are having fun," the source continues. "They aren’t officially back together, but they’re open to seeing what happens."

According to the source, Clare and Dale are taking things day by day and aren’t making any major plans for the future. They weren’t sure how things would be between them when they saw each other again, but it’s going better than they imagined, per the source. They are "open to seeing what happens," the source says.

Last week, a source told ET, that Clare and Dale are not back together, though they still care deeply about each other and enjoy each other’s company. The source added that the two were not jumping back into a serious relationship or back to being engaged. 

Following their split, Clare admitted that she had been "struggling pretty bad." Meanwhile, Dale said that he felt "f**king wrecked" over the breakup, adding that he's felt "so many emotions, so much guilt, but also so much confusion, so much hurt."

See more on the pair in the video below. 


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