Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black Tease Upcoming Duet Following 'Masked Singer' Experience (Exclusive)

After the pair competed on 'The Masked Singer,' the lovebirds are now looking to release some new music together.

Still lovebirds after nearly three decades! After competing side by side on The Masked Singer, Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black are gearing up to sing a new duet about their own love story.

The country music artists joined ET's Rachel Smith a day after getting unmasked during The Masked Singer's Group A finals -- where the pair performed as the show's first-ever double contestant character, The Snow Owls -- and they opened up about getting to sing duets again during their time on the show.

When asked how it felt to be unmasked after several weeks of competition, Lisa said it was "very sad."

"Well, we're sweating less," Clint joked, referring to the elaborate, feather-covered costumes the pair had to wear as The Snow Owls.

According to the couple, the hardest part of the competition, aside from the ornate outfits, was "just picking the songs that suited us, key-wise."

"Two people singing together, it's always a little tougher," Clint admitted.

However, as Lisa explained, the pair has been endlessly supportive of one another throughout the experience.

"We've never been in this kind of a thing before... So we both were novices, obviously, and we really leaned on each other a lot," Lisa shared. "Which I do. You know, when we record, he's helpful to me, because obviously he's done it more than me."

"We would come home at night and just be exhausted and then talk about the day, and I think that, I don't know, it's almost 30 years of marriage, and it seems like the cake is baked," she added.

"It's all natural now," Clint added. "We know each other's rhythms, we know when one of us is tired or uptight."

Clint shared that he's been working on getting Lisa more and more comfortable singing together, and she's really taken to the idea since once again showing off her vocal skills on The Masked Singer.

"She's taking to it more," said Clint, who hasn't sung a new original duet with Lisa since their 1999 duet, "When I Said I Do," which earned them an ACM Award in 2000.

"So now I'm impossible!" Lisa joked. "So yeah, we come off The Masked Singer, and we thought, 'Maybe we should cut one of these songs, you know? Why don't you write us a new song? Would you write us a new song?'"

As it turns out, Clint had been working on one since September, and it's all about the couple's unbreakable bond and enduring romance.

"[I decided] I'd write a new duet, and it was three days and I'm thinking of the songs that I've already written for us, and it was three days of banging my head against the wall and I was about to decide that this is hard, I can't just do this now," he recalled. "And then I came upon the idea for the song and the opening line -- which really inspired the rest of it  -- which was, 'I can tell you how the story never ends.'"

"And that's us," he continued, lovingly. "So the song is ''Til the End of Time.' She sang great on it and people are going to love hearing her voice in it."

Clint and Lisa's new love duet, "'Til the End of Time," drops Dec. 3. 

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.