CNCO Announce They're Breaking Up After Seven Years

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CNCO has announced they're breaking up, but it's not all bad news. At least not immediately, anyway.

The famed Latin boy band announced Thursday night at the 2022 Premios Juventud that they're going their separate ways. The stunning news comes just over a year after Joel Pimentel announced his exit from the group to pursue new opportunities.

The group's rise -- after winning in 2015 Univision's singing competition La Banda, created by Simon Cowell and Ricky Martin -- and influence in the genre is unparalleled, thanks to chart-topping hits like "Reggaeton Lento," "Se Vuelve Loca" and "Hey DJ" and three studio albums. During their magnificent run, CNCO scored seven Billboard Latin Music Awards, including New Artists of the Year in 2017.

CNCO -- comprised of Christopher Velez, Erick Brian Colon, Richard Camacho and Zabdiel De Jesus -- spoke with Billboard ahead of its major announcement, and dished deets on what was behind the decision to split, which was an amicable one.

But it's interesting, back in August 2021, ET's Deidre Behar asked the boys point-blank if there were any concerns that others would also follow in Pimentel's footsteps, and thus breaking up the band. And there was no question about it, at the time. The band told ET they weren't going anywhere with an emphatic "no," and in unison, no less.

"Nowhere but up," Camacho exclaimed.

But, in less than a year, the band's had a change of heart, and announcing the split comes with mixed emotions.

"We always thought that if we split, it had to be natural, and that’s how it happened," De Jesus tells Billboard. "We’ve lived many things together, and grew together in this industry, and we’re ready to try new things to expand our careers. We’re very excited."

Velez also adds, "It hurts us because it’s a big step in our lives that’s going to lead us to our solo careers but exciting at the same time because we’re willing to experiment and try to find our own sound and individuality. Just because we’re splitting doesn’t mean we’re going to stop seeing each other, we’re simply trying out new, challenging things. I know we will see each other in the way, of composing or working together. We have faith that the outcome will be great."

The outlet also reported that the split won't be immediate. The group's set to continue to work together for another year and a half, with new music on the horizon, plus an album and tour. The group also has an upcoming series on Disney+.


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