'Code Black' Stars Reveal On-Set Snack Habits & Favorite Cheat Foods on New Episode of ET's 'Lets Get Crafty!'

How do the 'Code Black' stars stay so fit with so much free food at their disposal? ET's first original Facebook Watch series is determined to find out in an all-new episode.

ETonline is going behind the scenes of Code Black on an all-new episode of our original Facebook Watch series, Let's Get Crafty.

ET's Leanne Aquilera recently caught up with a few of the show's stars around the set's craft services table, who dished on how they stay so fit around so much delicious junk food.

"When I was on The West Wing, I did four years and never even knew where the craft services table was," Rob Lowe explained. "Because, I have a theory: On TV, you're either getting bigger, or you're getting fitter, but there's no [in between]. Watch your favorite shows, you'll know what I'm saying."

However, if he could eat anything he wanted from crafty without consequence, it would be pre-packaged cookies and cream cheese danishes. Unfortunately for Lowe, he's stuck eating fresh fruit.

"Here you have leading man food," Lowe said, holding up an apple. "And that's the way the cookie crumbles."

Marcia Gay Harden echoed those sentiments, explaining, "I don't know where [craft services] is, and I can't know where it is." 

"Crafty is a place I try to avoid at all costs," star Emily Tyra explained, adding, "if people are watching me."

However, co-stars Luiz Guzman, Harry Ford and Tyler Perez had nothing but love for the delicious catering.

"This is the widest arrangement of food that I could ever ask for. It's amazing." Young said,  his mouth filled with free popcorn. "The snack truck is amazing. It's like a 7-11 on wheels, and you can have anything!"

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