'Cold Justice' Returns to Finish Out Season 6: Watch the Teaser (Exclusive)

Cold Justice

The Oxygen investigative true-crime series returns with eight new episodes starting Nov. 6. 

After a brief hiatus at the end of the summer, Cold Justice is back to finish out season 6 with eight new episodes, including a 90-minute special. The Oxygen investigative true-crime series starring veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her rotating team of seasoned detectives Steve Spingola, Tonya Rider and Abbey Abbondandolo starts up again on Nov. 6, and ET has the exclusive first look at what’s to come. 

As the promo teases, “the cases are new but Kelly hasn’t changed a bit.” And among the new investigations are an attempt to solve a daughter’s murder; tackling a mysterious 1986 killing of a Native American woman; overcoming roadblocks in the railroad strangulation of a 17-year-old girl; and re-examining the 2006 homicide of Candace Hiltz. 

Cold Justice, in this new season, continues with astounding results,” Siegler tells ET. “And even though we are working on murders from decades ago, we are doing all we can to tackle issues that are still timely and important today. Like, addressing podcasters and what happens when they try to solve murder cases from the comfort of their own living rooms, and doing our best to help solve the case of an indigenous young Washington state mother when everybody else is just talking about how many cases like hers are still out there.” 

“As always, we continue to focus on those tragic murders of so many who aren’t on the front pages of the news, but whose murders caused heartbreak to their families,” she continues. “We are still doing something about these cases all across this country.”

And the results don’t lie. While working alongside local law enforcement from across the country, the Cold Justice team has successfully helped bring about 21 convictions and 52 arrests.

Cold Justice is produced by Wolf Entertainment & Magical Elves. Season 6B premieres Saturday, Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.