Cole Swindell Drops Hometown 'Right Where I Left It' Music Video: 'It's Always Good to Go Home' (Exclusive)

Cole Swindell
Robby Klein

'I hope [fans] can relate it to where they are from and always know you can go home.'

Cole Swindell is bringing his fans back to his hometown!

Just days after dropping his new track, "Right Where I Left It," Swindell's premiering the song's meaningful video exclusively on ET. Throughout the new video, Swindell takes fans on a tour of Bronwood, Georgia, and showcases the people and places that mean the most to him.

"I love where I'm from and I have always been proud of that," Swindell told ET via email. "Southwest Georgia means everything to me, and to be able to write a song with my buddies that kind of explain what it’s like to go home is pretty special. I get to travel so much, but home is always going to be home. I am just glad I get to go back and catch up with my family and old friends. I hope this song means as much to them as it does to me."

One of the most significant places of his adolescence -- and a place he was excited to show off in the video -- was his high school, Terrell Academy, where he played sports before graduating with just 23 people.

"To go back now and see one of my high school quarterbacks that was a few years ahead me, his son is now playing football and he is in the video," Swindell shared. "It’s just really cool to get to go back. I was exactly like them. I miss those days and hope they know how good they have it right now and enjoy their time there."

In addition to the high school quarterback, another person who makes an appearance in the video is Swindell's mom, Betty Carol Rainey.

"I was excited she was in the video," he said. "She is only in a couple of shots, but… when I hug her in the video, it says everything I want to say."

"I would not be here without her. What a special lady," he continued. "She deserves so much. She has taken care of me my whole life, and now I get to take care of her. There is no better feeling in the world."

As for how he hopes fans embrace the hometown video, Swindell noted that "Bronwood, Georgia, might not be for everybody, but I hope it makes them think of wherever they are from, whatever their hometown is, their family and friends, the people that made them who they are."

"That is what this song is for me," he continued. "There are so many people in this video that have been influential in my life and I don’t think I would be here without them. I hope [fans] can relate it to where they are from and always know you can go home."

"Right Where I Left It" marks Swindell's fourth release off Down Home Sessions V, with one more song set to drop later this month. In addition to that project, Swindell has been busy working on his golf game, plotting out "some exciting things" for 2020, and performing on the Sunset Repeat Tour with Luke Bryan, who he sees as "a big brother."

"Luke gave me my first job in Nashville," Swindell shared. "... He is someone I have always looked up to. Not just because of music, but also the way he treats people. I have definitely learned a lot from him."

Even with all of his success, Swindell finds his career to be "extremely humbling and something I don't take for granted." 

"I was right there. I grew up a huge country music fan and, to be on other side of that now, knowing I get to write and sing songs -- whether it's helping people having a good time or helping people through hard times -- that is why I love country music," he said. "No matter what, it’s about real life. Being able to write songs that touch other people the way that country music has helped me is pretty unbelievable." 

"To my fans, they drive me, motivate me," he said. "... I wouldn’t have a career without them and hope they know how much we appreciate them."