Cole Swindell on Taking Girlfriend Courtney Little to the CMT Music Awards: 'It Feels Different' (Exclusive)

The country star and Lainey Wilson are nominated for Video of the Year with 'Never Say Never.'

Cole Swindell's having himself a spectacular year. His fourth studio album just dropped, he's nominated for a CMT Music Award and he's taking his girlfriend on a date somewhere she's never been -- an awards show!

The 38-year-old country star spoke to ET's Nischelle Turner and Rachel Smith in Nashville where he revealed that, when he takes his girlfriend Courtney Little to Monday's CMT Awards, it'll mark the first time she's ever attended an awards show.

"I'm excited to take her," the "You Should Be Here" crooner said. "She's never been to an awards show." When asked to confirm Courtney's his plus-one, Swindell gushed, "Oh yeah. Always."

Swindell also confirmed to ET that his and Courtney's first date happened to be while on the set of his music video for "Some Habits." He'd previously opened up about meeting her years ago at a NASCAR event. They exchanged numbers but never really got to hang out, safe for a few random run-ins here and there. When it was time to cast his love interest for the "Some Habits" music video, Swindell jumped at the opportunity to extend Courtney the invite.

"That's true," he said. "I mean, we've known each other and been talking. We were about to make the video and I asked the team, 'Hey, do I have a say who's going to be in this?' Because we weren't together yet, and I was like, 'We're not going to be together if I put somebody else in this. So, let's try it out.' It worked out, and here we are." Smart man!

Courtney, a 23-year-old former NBA cheerleader and owner of the boutique clothing store The Little Sisters, has been by Swindell's side celebrating some recent milestones, like the release of his fourth studio album, Stereotype.

"I've waited a long time for this," Swindell said. "This is the best feeling in the world."

The country singer and Lainey Wilson are also up for Video of the Year. The duo is scheduled to perform "Never Say Never" at Monday's CMT Awards in Nashville. Swindell gave ET a preview of what to expect.

"Well, the crazy thing is me and Lainey, it'll be one of our first times performing it live," he said. "I think it's just going to be high energy and just fun. To be nominated, I mean, I grew up watching CMT. To have a Video of the Year nomination is pretty exciting."

And, speaking of excitement, Swindell can't help but gush some more when it comes to Courtney.

"Way out of my league!" quipped the "Middle of a Memory" singer. "I'm excited to have her with me and just to be able to celebrate this with someone. It just feels different."



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