Colton Haynes’ First Halloween Costume Will Haunt Your Nightmares: Pics!

Colton Haynes rocks first Halloween costume
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The King of Halloween is back! Colton Haynes showed off his first Halloween costume of the season on Tuesday night, sharing the shocking look on Instagram.

The 29-year-old actor went all-out, dressing as The Simpsons matriarch, Marge Simpson – googly eyes, prosthetic yellow breasts, booty pads, and all.

For the look, Haynes obviously rocked a bright blue wig and large orange beaded necklace, making Marge’s signature green dress very short. 

The American Horror Story star had some fun on Instagram, dancing to the new J Balvin, Willy William and Beyonce benefit track, “Mi Gente,” while “topless” with his prosthetic breasts.

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“Makeup by Erik Porn @erikporn of Bitemares Inc @bitemaresincMichelle Petit @mjp_makeup Laura Raczka @laura_raczka with prosthetic face sculpted by Erik Porn and foam latex by Mark Viniello @vin1fx Breast prosthetics by Rbfx Studios @rbfx,” he captioned the video. 

Haynes sported the bold costume to host the Freixenet’s 2nd Annual Black Magic Halloween Affair, posting several videos from the event. 

When the evening was over, he rinsed the thick makeup off in the pool, writing, “Post Halloween dance of shame "Mi Gente" @jbalvin & @beyonce . Thx @freixenetusa for letting me host such a fun party! [photo] by my love @jeffleathamwho still wants to be with me even tho I act like this lol.”

Haynes recently opened up to ET about his fiance’s reaction to his steamy sex scene on AHS: Cult. For more from the exclusive interview, watch the clip below! 

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