Comedian Robyn Schall Vows Not to Make a 2021 Goals List After Her 2020 Goals Go Viral (Exclusive)

The comedian's hilarious 2020 goals list caught the attention of a slew of big-name celebrities.

Robyn Schall really wants an invite to the Kardashian Christmas party now that she's become an overnight internet sensation. The New York-based comedian went viral this week after posting a video to Instagram and TikTok of her reading aloud her list of 2020 goals that were never met due to the coronavirus pandemic that led to many being quarantined for most of the year. 

In the hilarious clip, Schall pours herself a glass of wine and can't stop laughing as she reads that she wanted to "travel more," "lose weight" and "be more social" this year. 

"Goal one -  make more money. Well, I've been unemployed since March," she declares, holding back her laughter. "...Cry less. I wrote 'cry less.' I've cried every single day of this whole pandemic."

Schall can no longer contain her laughter when she reads aloud that her last goal was to spend more time with her grandmother -- and she died. 

"2020 goal list is trolling me hard!" she captioned the video, which led to a slew of celebrity reactions, including comments from Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. 

"First off, Jennifer Garner posted my video on her wall, OK. So that alone is like, we should all just retire because it's not gonna get any better than that," Schall told ET's Ash Crossan.

But it did get better when she learned that Khloe and Kourtney were commenting back-and-forth to one another on her wall. "Like, you don't even understand, I've been watching the Kardashians since season 1, like back when they worked at Dash and Kris was in the background on the phone and they were so mean to her -- when, like, really she is the genius. She is the genius," Schall said. "Anyway, they were fighting. Khloe was like, 'You're so funny.' Then Kourtney was like, 'I love you.' This is not what they wrote. I'm making it up but it was something along these lines. Then Khloe was like, 'Stop following where I'm posting.' Then Kourtney writes, 'Stop commenting on videos and posting in the group chat.' ...I don't even have words that there is a Kardashian-Jenner group chat that I'm in. Like, not technically, they haven't invited me but..."

Schall joked that she's now just waiting for her invite to the family holiday soiree. "Get Kris Jenner on the phone because I know she gets the stamp of approval for the Christmas party invite. I am ready to take 800 COVID tests," she quipped. "I am ready to do whatever you want. My only rule is I don't want it to be at Kim 's house 'cause she has white furniture and I spill a lot."

All in all, Schall is just happy that her hilarious video brought a little cheer to the year. "The fact that it's been the crappiest year that's ever been but I'm able to make people's day just this much better is all I've ever wanted," she told ET. "The whole thing is just amazing."

However, don't expect a 2021 goals list from Schall. "I need everyone to listen up because I know some of you have messaged me. I promise I will not make a 2021 list. I know a lot of you think me and this journal are responsible for everything, and I take responsibility," she joked. "I will say, this could be on me and I will not make a list for 2021. ...No goals. I don't even want to say wake up tomorrow."

Schall does have some things she wants to "manifest."

"I know we're looking at jobs but we have to be honest, life is rough. What do we need? We need to get invited to that Jenner-Kardashian Christmas party," she shared. "We need Dunkin' Donuts to realize I'm a big fan of donuts and say, 'Hey, Robyn, would you like to be in a commercial?' Like, I keep my goals low."

Schall added, "Three, I really love performing and making people laugh. It's not just a moment right now, this has been my passion my entire life is making people laugh. So if I can just keep doing what I've been doing these last three days, I'm good."



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