Constance Wu Addresses Report Claiming She's a 'Diva' and Insisted on 'Hustlers' Top Billing

Constance Wu is shutting down a report that she insisted on getting top billing on 'Hustlers' over Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

Constance Wu is shutting down a report that she insisted on getting top billing on Hustlers, the highly anticipated film with a star-studded cast including Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and more.

A Page Six report published on Wednesday claimed that reps for 37-year-old Wu contacted multiple outlets to ensure that she was listed as the headliner for Hustlers and was named first in the press as the film's biggest star. The report also claimed that during filming, Wu was dubbed a "difficult diva" due to her demands, and quoted a source saying the actress treated "people badly" on set.

ET has learned that Wu had no knowledge or awareness of acts on her behalf of Hustlers to have reporting mirror that of the film's castings or contractual billings. Representatives associated with her and the film did engage media outlets to correct misrepresentations of the film's characters and castings in the spirit of calibrating credits to accurately reflect the guidelines set forth in standard legal contracts.

A rep for Wu also refuted the report on her behalf.

"While Constance's character in Hustlers is the key protagonist, any reporting that implies or indicates that she demanded or directed this recently reported initiative is patently untrue and a clear manipulation of facts," her rep says in a statement to ET. "She has always been and remains a proud supporter of all her fellow castmates inclusion in the celebration of this film and telling of this story."

Wu says she 100 percent stands by her female co-stars in a statement to ET.

"We made this film with an incredible spirit of sisterhood and love," her statement reads. "Any reports otherwise have felt like an age-old attempt to pit us against each other and knock us down when, in truth, we had the best time making this! We won't be knocked down. We will continue to share and celebrate this story together, as sisters. Thank you to all the fans for believing in us and supporting this film."

In its report, Page Six did quote a source who said that Lopez -- who produced the film -- and her production partners agreed that Wu would get top billing since she is "in the unique position of being a part of projects that are breaking through Asian-American representation in Hollywood."

This isn't the first time Wu has been the subject of negative headlines. In May, some critics labeled her as ungrateful when less than one hour after her ABC series, Fresh Off the Boat, got renewed, she tweeted a series of NSFW tweets expressing that the news was "not" good and that she was crying and upset. Wu apologized one day later and explained her intentions.

"I love FOTB," she tweeted. "I was temporarily upset yesterday not bc I hate the show but bc its renewal meant I had to give up another project that I was really passionate about. So my dismayed social media replies were more about that other project and not about FOTB. But I understand how that could feel interconnected and could get muddled."

" ... I do regret that and it wasn't nice and I am sorry for that," she continued, adding that she knows how privileged she is to have options. "People 'assumed' that that meant I don't love and enjoy FOTB. But I do love and enjoy it. I hope you believe me. People can hold conflicting feelings in their heart."

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