Coronavirus Songs: Rebecca Black Teams Up With Best Buddies for New Song 'Alone Together'

Rebecca Black attends Rolla's x Sofia Richie Launch Event at Harriet's Rooftop
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From TikTok hits about being "Bored in the House" to John Mayer channeling Mister Rogers, the current pandemic is inspiring new tunes.

The coronavirus pandemic has lead to social distancing restrictions and self-quarantining for many worldwide -- while also mandating the cancellation of concerts and performances for nearly every working musician and band.

However, some are finding inspiration in uncertain times, recording and sharing new songs inspired by the pandemic, social distancing or just the shifting, anxious atmosphere that accompanies the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus.

From Curtis Roach's prescient and catchy TikTok hit, "Bored in the House," to John Mayer channeling Mister Rogers to assure fans that "You Are Still You," there's plenty of new songs to entertain and distract while we heed the advice of medical professionals and stay at home.

Rebecca Black even teamed up with Best Buddies to create a collaborative track, "Alone Together," the proceeds of which will benefit global programs and initiatives by the nonprofit, which aims to create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Read on to check out the latest coronavirus-inspired tracks and check back soon for more new releases!

Rebecca Black & Best Buddies - "Alone Together"

Black and Best Buddies Ambassadors Alphonso Murphy, percussionist Bret Fleming, and vocalists Marlana VanHoose and Christina Hundley teamed up for the new track which was written on a collaborative Zoom call and serves as as a reminder that we can stay connected even during social distancing and shutdowns.

"I have been so continuously inspired by the buddies throughout the process of putting this song together…it can be quite daunting to put yourself out there creatively in the ways they have, but they have been fearless," Black said of the songwriting process. "There’s never been a moment where they haven’t been encouraging and open-hearted to each person involved."

"Even though we're apart, we're together at heart / Looking into the future, there's a better place to start," the group sings on the chorus. "We're all alone together while the world is standing still."

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber - "Stuck With You"

The highly-anticipated collab between the pop superstar pals has been on fans' minds at least since Bieber made a surprise appearance during Grande's Coachella set last year, and now it's finally here! The groovy duet extolls the praises of staying in with your love, and the fan-sourced video gave a glimpse and Bieber and Grande's real-life romances . Plus, it's for a good cause, with all proceeds going to the First Responders Children's Foundation.

Ben Gibbard - "Life in Quarantine"

The Death Cab for Cutie frontman has been performing frequent at-home sets during coronavirus quarantine, which led to the release of this new track, the proceeds from which go to Seattle-area relief organizations such as Aurora Commons, a nonprofit support service for the homeless.

"They say it's like Christmas, when no one's around," Gibbard croons on the melancholy track. "No one's going anywhere soon."

New Kids on the Block - "House Party"

For a more upbeat quarantine track, check out this star-studded bop from the legendary boy band, who teamed up with Naughty by Nature, Boyz II Men, Big Freedia, and Jordin Sparks for the at-home party jam. The video features even more stars, like Carrie Underwood. Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong, showing off their dance moves at home! 

"For those about to lose their minds, we gotta remember," Donnie Wahlberg says as he introduces the fun-filled track, "that in the worst of times, we can make the best of times."

Tyga x Curtis Roach - "Bored In The House"

Roach's TikTok-born hit was actually released and gaining momentum on the popular video app before the United States started going on lockdown due to the pandemic. The young rapper could never have predicted that his track -- which he initially just wrote about a boring day at home -- would be come an anthem in the time of COVID-19 social distancing. 

"I had no idea that any of this was gonna happen. It’s kind of like the stars aligned -- for real," he told the New York Post. Then Tyga reached out to drop a remix, with a video inspired by fans and followers stuck at home, and the rest is viral history.

John Mayer - "You Are Still You"

The rock star gave off major Mister Rogers vibes while crooning an uplifting new tune on Instagram Live on April 5. "Though the present situation can be scary / You're the him or her you were in January," Mayer assures listeners, singing over a pre-recorded instrumental. "And all your friends will help to see you through / So don't be blue, you are still you."

Leon Bridges ft. John Mayer - "Inside Friend"

Mayer also joined Leon Bridges on another track, "Inside Friend," which was written and recorded before the social distancing era, but took on a new meaning amid the pandemic.

“The concept for ‘Inside Friend’ came about from Mayer and I joking around in the studio about what an ideal date for an introvert or homebody like myself would be," Bridges said of the groovy new track. "I tour most of the year, so I’d rather invite a gal over to lounge comfortably in the crib as opposed to go out somewhere crowded. ‘Inside Friend’ stayed on the back burner for a while because it didn’t fit within the context of my third project, but the current state we’re in globally compelled us to dig this back up and finish it. I hope people find it soothing and uplifting while we hole up indoors and get through this.”

Twenty One Pilots - "Level of Concern"

"Wonderin' would you be my little quarantine?/ Or is this the way it ends?" Tyler Joseph sings in Twenty One Pilots' "simple but hopeful" song, "Level of Concern," which they released on April 9.

Along with the song's release, the band also announced they'd be donating a portion of the proceeds to LiveNation's Crew Nation, to benefit crew members who are out of work due to cancelled concerts and tours.

Bon Iver - "Things Behind Things Behind Things"

Justin Vernon debuted his new track, which certainly seems to be inspired by the uncertain political and social climate, in a set during a live-stream event for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on April 4. "There's so much going on and so much fear and so much pain, there's a lot of sickness and there's a lot of stillness and fear," he said before sharing the new track from his Eau Claire, Wisconsin, studio.

"I can't go through the motions / I can't go through the motions / How am I supposed to do this, how / I am afraid of change," Vernon sings in the new track, accompanying himself on electric guitar. "The way I look back makes me a competitor / There are things behind things behind things / There are rings within rings within rings."

Passenger - "The Venice Canals"

The English singer-songwriter shared his new tune on social media on April 4, choosing to focus on the environmental positives that have become side-effects of social distancing and worldwide lockdowns -- like clearer skies and reduced pollution in high-traffic regions like Beijing, Singapore and New York City. "Don't get me wrong, this ain't no happy song / And there's nothing much to hold on to for now," he sings in the chorus, "But when you're feeling low, my dear / Just know the water's crystal-clear, and the fish are swimming in the Venice canals."

Randy Newman - "Stay Away"

"It's hard for Americans who don't like being told what to do at all," Newman said of social distancing while introducing his bluesy new tune -- which details medical professionals' advice about hand-washing and keeping your distance -- to Los Angeles public radio station KPCC on April 8. "But in this case, you know, let's do it.”

Big & Rich- "Stay Home"

The album artwork for the country duo's coronavirus single is, fittingly enough, an empty role of toilet paper. "We're all in this together / Nah friend, you ain't alone," they croon on the track. "But all you gotta do is stay home."

Charlie XCX - New Album (TBD)

The pop star announced plans for a new album on April 6, tentatively titled How I'm Feeling Now, which she said would be a collaborative, DIY process, shared with fans online as she goes. "The nature of this album is going to be very indicative of the times, because I'm only going to be able to use the tools that I have at my fingertips to create all music, all artwork, all videos, everything."

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