'Country Ever After' Star Coffey Anderson on Showing Wife's Cancer Battle and Plans for Season 2 (Exclusive)

The star of the new Netflix series opened up to ET.

For country music star Coffey Anderson and his wife, Criscilla, their new Netflix docu-series Country Ever After is more than just a TV show. It's an opportunity to help, to make a difference and to challenge expectations.

One aspect of the show's first season, which is now streaming, is Criscilla's battle with cancer. Coffey recently spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura, and explained why they decided to document such a difficult time in their lives.

"I want people to see the cancer journey… It is ugly, and it takes all hands on deck," the singer explained. "I know people that feel like, 'Oh, I'm gonna go to chemo, I'm gonna go to radiation. I'm gonna go natural or holistic, and it's my fight.' It's not. It takes all of us."

For Coffey, helping his wife through the difficult and draining journey meant learning a lot and bettering himself as well.

"I had to learn to, as a husband, as her best friend, I have to protect, provide and I have to preach," Coffey said. This extended to being comfortable with cameras documenting their personal journey.

"One of the first days we were filming, she had a really bad reaction to chemo. And she was nauseous. She was fading in and out of being sleepy, awake, all that. And I asked the camera crew, 'Y'all leave.  I gotta take care of her,'" he recalled. "In two minutes they were out of our house, and she leans over to me, not a lot of strength, and says, 'They need to see this. You gotta let 'em in.'"

"In that [moment] I had to learn that, how can a husband learn to protect his wife and be with her unless he watches what I'm doing? I learned that by watching my dad when my mom lost her battle with cancer 17 days before my 11th birthday," Coffey said. "I saw my dad literally pick her up when she was too weak and put her in the bathtub. And cook for her. And do those things. So I learned that from watching...  And somebody's gonna learn that from watching me."

For Coffey, being by his wife's side as a source of strength and support is exactly what he signed up for when they tied the knot.

"When you say for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, you gotta mean it," Coffey said.

That's what their show is all about -- family, love and kindness.

"You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna cry, you’re gonna pull for us," Coffey said of Country Ever After. "It's this quilt, it’s a scrapbook, that the world gets to share in that moment in time."

While fans are still waiting for season one to kick off -- after originally getting pushed back from a September premiere date -- Coffey said a second season is already a possibility.

"There are conversations for a season two," he shared. "But we gotta get Netflix, we gotta get them to say yes."

Country Ever After is now streaming on Netflix. 


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