Courteney Cox Hasn't Seen Johnny McDaid in More Than 200 Days

Courteney Cox, Johnny McDaid
George Pimentel/Getty Images

The actress has been counting the days she's been apart from her beau.

Courteney Cox is missing boyfriend Johnny McDaid. During an appearance on The Vinyl Supper With Foy Vance, the 56-year-old actress lamented being apart from her beau for an extended period of time due to COVID-19.

In a birthday post for McDaid back in July, Cox revealed that she and the musician had been separated for 133 days, meaning that number is now up to about 220.

"He left and the next day the whole country was shut down," she said of McDaid, whom she's been dating on-and-off since 2013.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in May, Cox explained why she and McDaid have quarantined  apart.

"He was supposed to go to Switzerland to write. He went to England first, then all of the sudden they called quarantine," she said at the time. "I have not seen him in so long. You don't realize -- I mean, we spend a lot of time on FaceTime -- now it's like, 'Oh my god, I just miss his physical touch.' It's been hard. This is the longest time."

On The Vinyl Supper With Foy Vance, Cox revealed that, after McDaid got stuck overseas, she planned to quarantine with two friends.

"They were going to quarantine with me, which is great because if I can't be with John, I don't want to just be by myself with Coco. I'm a little chicken," she joked, referencing her 16-year-old daughter.

That plan was thwarted, though, when those friends tested positive for COVID-19 and one was admitted to the hospital.

"Four days later, he's in the hospital on a ventilator. Almost dead. In there for 18 days. He had to be on dialysis, the whole thing. And now he's completely recovered," she said. "But that was one of the scariest things. I wouldn't even understand COVID-19 had it not been right here."

In place of spending time with people, Cox has been filing her time with cooking, something she's started doing every day.

"At first I was like, 'Wow. What do I do with myself?'" she admitted. "But I ended up cooking every day. I learned to cook so many more things."

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