Criss Angel Reveals His 5-Year-Old Son Johnny's Cancer Has Returned

Criss Angel gave a sad update on Wednesday concerning his 5-year-old son, Johnny's, battle with cancer.

Criss Angel gave a sad update on Wednesday concerning his 5-year-old son, Johnny's, battle with cancer.

"We have recently had confirmation that our 5-year-old son Johnny Crisstopher has relapsed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). While we are devastated by this unexpected news, we believe that he will be in remission again soon," the 51-year-old illusionist told ET in a statement. "We have great faith and hope for his treatment at both Summerlin Hospital and Cure 4 the Kids Foundation with Dr. Alan Ikeda, who has been treating Johnny Crisstopher in Nevada. He is an amazingly strong little boy, and with the support of family, friends, and my loyal fans we look forward to the day he is again in remission."

"This setback only continues my commitment to raising awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research and treatment. We are working on a huge event for next year in support of our foundation, The Johnny Crisstopher Children’s Charitable Foundation, and will announce more details about it as things are confirmed. We want to thank you all for the outpouring of love, good thoughts and prayers for our amazing boy."

Angel first revealed that Johnny's cancer has returned after he had previously been in remission in a video published on TMZ. Johnny was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2015. In June 2016, Angel said his young son was in remission.

"He got diagnosed with pediatric cancer before he was two years old, he's been in treatment for over three years, he's been in remission, but unfortunately ... he had a relapse, and he's going back into the hospital on Monday," Angel told TMZ.

Angel said he's going to host another charity event in Las Vegas next year to raise money for children with pediatric cancer, with a goal of raising $5 million. Meanwhile, he's enjoying spending time with Johnny, sharing that he was in Los Angeles to take him to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

ET spoke with Angel in March at the renamed Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood, where he talked about Johnny's health.

"We get a blood test every month or two and everything is coming back with all signs that he is remaining in remission and we pray that he remains there for the rest of his life," he said at the time.

He also talked about raising money for pediatric cancer and how his life has been with two young children. Angel and his wife, Shaunyl Benson, welcomed their second son together, Xristos, in January.

"Obviously, you know, I don't sleep very much but I'm so blessed," he told ET. "I'm so thankful and I feel like all the success that I've been so blessed to have is really for a great cause -- and that is pediatric cancer. One child every two minutes is diagnosed with it. So, if you'd like to help out, you can go to, click the help button and donate and know that 100 percent of every cent you donate will go to research and treatment for these children suffering with this horrible disease."

Angel's latest Instagram post featuring Johnny was last month, when he shared an adorable video of the two saying I love you to one another.

For more on Johnny's cancer battle, watch the video below: