Cuba Gooding Jr, Regina King, Michael B. Jordan & More Celebs React to Director John Singleton’s Death

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The death of director John Singleton ignited an outpouring of love from celebrity fans and friends on social media on Monday.

Singleton, the acclaimed director, producer and screenwriter best known for the 1991 film Boyz n the Hood, died after suffering a stroke and entering a coma earlier this month. ET confirmed on Monday that the 51-year-old filmmaker's family had decided to take him off life support.

In a statement to ET on Monday, Boyz n the Hood star Cuba Gooding Jr. shared how he spent his final moments with Singleton, thanking him for helping launch his career.

"I was able yesterday to sit with John privately and whispered in his ear that I loved him and thanked him for starting my career," he said. "Then I was able to pray with his family... They are strong."

Frequent collaborator, Regina King, shared a slideshow of photos with Singleton, on Instagram, writing how she was struggling for words following the loss.

Chance the Rapper credited Singleton’s work directing Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” video for changing his life, while actor and filmmaker Jordan Peele described him as a “brave artist and true inspiration.”

Fellow director Spike Lee recounted meeting Singleton when he was a film student at the University of Southern California and how the two became close friends who had cheered each other on throughout the years, in an industry “that is not set up for us to win.”

“Over Many Years People Have Told Me “I’m Going To Be A Filmmaker,” Lee wrote. “When John Said That To Me The 1st Time We Met, I Believed Him Right Away. It Was No Surprise. With His Passion, His Heart, The Way He Talked About His Love For Cinema And Black Folks I Could See John Would Make It Happen, And He Did. From Day One.”

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We’ll Miss You But Your Films Will Live On.

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Director Ava DuVernay shared a photo of her with Singleton while noting how "his films broke ground."

Singleton also had an impact on younger stars in the film industry, with 32-year-old actor Michael B Jordan sharing how he felt his influence. “Like many of us when I heard the news I wished it wasn't true,” he wrote. “John is a true visionary and social leader. Through his arts he shared many of our truths, and I can honestly say without his works I may have not been given the chance to express myself in this industry. I’m posting this not in his memory but to speak positive energy around his spirit. So we can have more time with him and his soul ??.”

Actress Lena Waite pointed out that Singleton “influenced us all.” “You always had wise words to share with me. You were also real as f**k,” she wrote on Instagram.  “Your work influenced all of us. Thank you for reminding us we can be as black as we wanna be and still get nominated for Oscars. But you didn’t do it for that. You did it for us. I’m gon miss you. We all are.”

Rapper Nasir Jones, aka Nas, shared a photo and memory of “chillin on that boat,” with Singleton.

Prior to his death, Singleton’s famous friends had shared tributes as they waited and hoped for him to pull through.

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes posted about how Singleton had helped her through her early days struggling in Hollywood.

”There was a time when I was struggling to pay my bills in film school and not sure this town was for me,” Rhimes wrote. “And one day, not long after Boyz N The Hood exploded on the scene, my phone rang. It was John Singleton. John did not know me at all. But someone at USC had told him I was talented and he was kindly calling to offer me some words of encouragement. He told me to keep writing. I never forgot it. Praying for him and for his family now.”

Actress Taraji P Henson was also praying for Singleton as she visited him a day before his death.

“Visited you today. Me and @tyrese prayed so hard over you,” she captioned a photo with Singleton. “You heard my voice and jumped up. I HAVE HOPE AND FAITH BECAUSE I KNOW THAT #GODIS. Keep praying EVERYBODY for our beloved @johnsingleton ?????????.”


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Laying in bed, I’m confused my soul feels drained.. For the last 2 days I was in the presence of my HERO a man who literally changed my life and my families life forever.. Of ALL the people in the world he decided to believe in me?.. a young impressionable ghetto little black boy from Watts who had hopes and dreams praying everyday that God would figure out a way to get me out of the hood and see some shit... Like many of my nighas I grew up with I just didn’t wanna end up in jail, or dead.. I woke up after crying myself to sleep with a heavy heart, Yesterday I took a shower and while standing there.. Just started balling crying I got out of the shower and went back to lay down and the tears wouldn’t stop, I told my wife these exact words.. “Baby I know today is my last day in town and we made family plans but I need to get back to John and pray over him. I feel like tomorrow or next week might not be promised, I’m leaving to go back to London and I got this feeling deep in my chest, my heart is fluttering... And although I have complete faith in God and his miracles I feel like he might not be here when I get back”. Without even blinking my wife said ok let’s go. I went to see John and I as soon as I stepped off the elevator I was greeted and in the presence of SO much of John’s history. So many beautiful and warm souls people who I’ve known and grew to love over the last 27 years of knowing John we all went into every emotion imaginable, we cried, we were there reminiscing, laughing and storytelling. One things for sure, every story that was told all went back to us all saying JOHN built a TRIBE, a fraternity of lifetime of friends, colleagues and loyalty. And we all echoed HE PUT US ON!! Everyone that was in that room yesterday has known John all the way back to his first movie Boyz In The Hood to now.. I think we all felt like we needed to spend as much time as we could cause Ive learned after losing Paul and countless others.. it’s arrogant to think or believe that next seconds of life or next week is promised. I can’t believe I’m write these words..... Rest in Love, Rest in Power Rest in Gods glory... Your Baby Boy aka Baby Brother aka Jody for life!!

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