Cynthia Bailey Defends Having a Wedding During a Pandemic

The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star said none of her guests got sick as a result of her nuptials.

Cynthia Bailey is defending her decision to have a wedding in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The 53-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star appeared on Sunday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where a fan asked her to defend the choice to still hold her October wedding to her now-husband, Mike Hill.

In several photos for the event, guests were seen without masks and not following safety protocols. 

"We did everything on our end to ensure everyone's safety, from masks, shields, temperature checks," Bailey insisted. "I had a COVID-19 specialist come and spray the place. With that said, what happened was the only time people were allowed to take their masks off was to eat or drink at the wedding, so that happened. Then a lot of people wanted to take pictures with their masks off. So I wasn't even thinking, 'Of course, now all the pictures are gonna have the masks off.'" 

Host Cohen asked if any of Bailey's guests got sick following their attendance at the nuptials. 

"No, thank you Jesus. No one tested positive as a result of being at our wedding," Bailey said. 

In October, Bailey talked to ET ahead of her nuptials, and expressed excitement to tie the knot with Hill. The wedding made Housewives history as she wed both her now ex-husband, Peter Thomas, during the show's third season and most recently Hill. 

"I went into my first marriage ready to work and I gave it my all," Bailey told ET. "I am where I am now, and I am certainly excited about my marriage to Mike. I am super optimistic that this is my happy ending and my forever."

Bailey also assured fans that she would not be having another Housewives wedding. 

"This will be the last wedding you will see on the Housewives, I can tell you that. I don't know what God has for us, but you will not be seeing another wedding from Cynthia Bailey. This is it," she said. 


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