Cynthia Nixon Addresses 'And Just Like That' Criticism and Miranda's 'Off Kilter' Storyline

The actress defends the decision to take Miranda's love life in a different direction.

Cynthia Nixon knows that not all Sex and the City fans are enjoying Miranda Hobbes' journey on the HBO Max reboot, And Just Like That. But the 55-year-old actress and producer on the series is loving her character's awakening. 

"It’s interesting that people, I don’t know, I think some people are not loving seeing these characters off kilter, but I love it," Nixon shared on Wednesday's The Drew Barrymore Show

She added that she feels that characterizing Miranda's sexual awakening as a "mid-life crisis" does the character a disservice. 

"You reach a moment, when you put a negative spin on it you call it a mid-life crisis, right? But out of crisis come really productive things," she explained. "You are not young anymore but you are not old either. And you still have time to make sure that your life is the way you want it to be. If you are deeply unhappy in your career choices, if you are really unhappy in your marriage, you should look at it and demand more, right?"

Nixon added that she recommended Sara Ramirez for the role of comedian Che Diaz, Miranda's new romantic partner. 

"I suggested them because I’ve been aware of them for so long and such a fan," Nixon said of Ramirez, who is non-binary like her character. "Mike Nichols, I worked with Mike Nichols a bunch of times especially when I was young and he cast Sara in Spamalot, for which they won a Tony. So I was always watching their career and stuff."

Nixon also appeared on Wednesday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, and the late-night host gave Nixon a hard time for Miranda's treatment of her estranged husband, Steve Brady (David Eigenberg). 

"I love Steve too," Nixon insisted. 

"I don't know why you guys did him like that," Meyers said, fixing Nixon with a stare. 

She replied, "Aww," before Meyers admitted that part of his distress was over the fact that he had a good Steve impression, which he demonstrated for her. 

As for a second season of And Just Like That, Nixon recently told ET's Rachel Smith, “Even though I’m an executive producer and I got to direct an episode, I am not a writer. And so, that is one of the great privileges of being a writer, that it’s not my job to figure it out, thank god. You know, it’s my job to say that doesn’t seem right for my character. But in terms of the amazing writers, we have [been] dreaming things up. They know much better than I do.” 

For more on Miranda's romantic life, watch the clip below.

New episodes of And Just Like That premiere Thursdays on HBO Max.